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2014 Naval Academy graduates

May. 23, 2014 - 06:00AM   |  
USNA 2014 Graduation MWM 20140523
A newly-minted ensign looks skyward after accepting his diploma during commencement and commissioning for the class of 2014 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., on May 23. (Mike Morones/Staff)
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Congratulations to the midshipmen who celebrated their graduation from the Naval Academy at Friday’s commencement ceremony in Annapolis, Maryland. Names and service assignments are listed below:

Name Service assignment
Abbott, Jennifer Surface warfare
Abordo, Eric Navy pilot
Acevedo, Gabriel USMC pilot
Acevedo, Nobuyuki Surface warfare
Adams, Brendan USMC ground
Adams, Haley USMC ground
Adams, Justin EOD
Adkins, Carolyn Submarine (nuclear)
Aiken, Matthew Surface warfare
Albright, Gary USMC ground
Alexandre, Sarah Navy pilot
Alford, Bonnie Surface warfare (nuclear)
Allam, Lauren USMC ground
Allan, Chase Navy pilot
Allison, Gilesa Submarine (nuclear)
Alsup, Payton Submarine (nuclear)
Althaus, Wesley Navy pilot
Alvarez, Carlos Surface warfare
Ammond, Rachelle Navy pilot
Anderson, Cody USMC pilot
Anderson, Daniel USMC ground
Andon, Robert Navy pilot
Andre, Bradley USMC pilot
Andrews, Johncurtis USMC pilot
Anjola, Tanner Navy NFO
Aquino, Scott USMC pilot
Arellano, Aaron USMC pilot
Arias, Thomas Navy NFO
Arino, Austin Surface warfare
Arnold, David Navy pilot
Aronica, Clayton Surface warfare (nuclear)
Ashcraft, Ryder Submarine (nuclear)
Ashmore, Michael USMC pilot
Ashton, Katherine USMC pilot
Atkins, Mark Submarine (nuclear)
Atkinson, Robert USMC ground
Aufderheide, Nicholas USMC pilot
Auld, Kyle USMC pilot
Austria, Marc USMC ground
Avila, Mario USMC ground
Azhocar, David Submarine (nuclear)
Bacon, Erin Surface warfare
Bae, Yohan USMC pilot
Baez, Jeffrey Surface warfare IP option
Baguley, Lauren Oceanography
Bailey, Parker Navy NFO
Balczewski, Ian Submarine (nuclear)
Baltz, Benjamin USMC ground
Barbajaume, Juan Surface warfare
Barnum, Jacqueline USMC ground
Barto, Alexander Navy pilot
Bates, Ruth USMC ground
Batye, Taylor USMC ground
Bauer, Audrey Surface warfare
Baugh, Sara Navy pilot
Beans, Brandon USMC ground
Beasley, Nicholas Navy pilot
Beck, Hunter Navy NFO
Beeler, Andrew Surface warfare
Beeson, Brett Surface warfare
Bell, Lance EOD
Bell, Mitchell Submarine (nuclear)
Benner, Cameron Navy pilot
Bennett, Allyn USMC pilot
Bennett, Jordan Submarine (nuclear)
Berkey, Benjamin Submarine (nuclear)
Bernardy, Kimberly USMC ground
Betz, Justin USMC ground
Blazevic, Anthony USMC ground
Blum, John Navy pilot
Bly, Brittany Supply corps
Bogaard, Brett Navy pilot
Bogdan, Colin USMC ground
Bolena, Casey Surface warfare
Bolstad, Scott Submarine (nuclear)
Bong, Sharon USMC ground
Borja, Lawrence Special warfare
Borough, Kevin Navy pilot
Bottomley, Jeremy Submarine (nuclear)
Bouchot, Alfredo USMC pilot
Bowman, Jordan Navy NFO
Boyer, Bryce Surface warfare
Bradley, Richard Submarine (nuclear)
Braida, Zachary Surface engineering duty
Bramble, Jared USMC pilot
Brant, Jarrett USMC ground
Brantley, Aaron USMC ground
Breslin, Tyler USMC ground
Breuer, James Medical/dental student
Bridges, Travis Surface warfare
Bridgewater, Logan USMC pilot
Bristow, Stephan USMC ground
Broll, Anthony Submarine (nuclear)
Bronshteyn, Eli Navy NFO
Brown, Nathan Navy pilot
Brown, Nathanael Navy pilot
Brown, Teronda Surface warfare
Brown, Thomas Information warfare
Brown, Zachary USMC pilot
Browning, James Surface warfare
Brubaker, Robert EOD
Bryant, Caron Navy NFO
Bryant, Gregory Navy pilot
Buck, Michael Navy pilot
Buckley, Grant Submarine (nuclear)
Burgoyne, Michael Navy pilot
Burns, Christopher Navy pilot
Burns, Jason USMC pilot
Burns, John USMC ground
Burroughs, Jesse Surface warfare
Burt, Nathan USMC pilot
Burzenski, Laura Navy pilot
Busick, Matthew USMC ground
Busse, Blake Navy pilot
Byrne, Kristina Navy pilot
Byrne, Michael USMC ground
Cadiente, Jeremy Submarine (nuclear)
Caesar, Kerstin USMC ground
Calderonguthe, David Navy pilot
Callahan, Jacqueline Surface warfare oceanography option
Calmus, Quinton Navy pilot
Campbell, Conor USMC ground
Campbell, David USMC pilot
Canclini, Jeffrey USMC ground
Canelon, Maria Navy pilot
Capaldi, Benedict Surface warfare
Cardon, Anthony USMC pilot
Carl, Samantha Navy pilot
Carps, Michael USMC pilot
Carrasco, David Navy NFO
Carter, Brandon Surface engineering duty
Castro, Andrew Navy pilot
Castro, Nicole USMC pilot
Caveness, Andrew USMC ground
Cayaban, Beatricejoyce Surface engineering duty
Ceaser, Lorna Information warfare
Cespedes, Brandon Navy pilot
Chaires, Harrison Supply corps
Chan, Alexandra Surface warfare
Chan, Melissa Surface warfare (nuclear)
Chang, Eugene Surface warfare
Chang, Jack USMC ground
Chapman, John Navy NFO
Charles, Jonathan USMC ground
Chatry, Peter Navy pilot
Chauvin, Daniel EOD
Chek, Abigail Civil engineer corps
Chen, Xiao Navy pilot
Chepurko, Kristina USMC ground
Chester, Joshua Navy pilot
Chimiak, Jacqueline Navy pilot
Cho, Paul Surface warfare
Chock, Justin SWO intel option
Chrans, Caitlin USMC ground
Christopher, Garland Surface warfare
Chu, Chihsuan Foreign nationals (Taiwan)
Ciarolla, Alexa Submarine (nuclear)
Clark, Alexander Navy pilot
Clark, Joshua Submarine (nuclear)
Claus, Daniel Submarine (nuclear)
Clay, Anthony Surface warfare
Colby, Brian Navy pilot
Colby, Mark Submarine (nuclear)
Collier, Caulin Surface warfare
Collier, Laura Navy pilot
Colon, Mario Navy NFO
Connor, Meghan Navy pilot
Cooper, Andrew Navy pilot
Cooper, David USMC pilot
Corbishley, Killian Navy NFO
Corcoran, Elizabeth Submarine (nuclear)
Cordova, Jose Foreign nationals (Ecuador)
Coreth, Ariel Surface warfare (nuclear)
Cornelius, Zachary Navy pilot
Cortesio, Catherine Navy pilot
Cortez, William USMC ground
Cotter, Elizabeth Surface warfare
Cottrell, Clayton USMC pilot
Coughlin, Jillian Surface warfare oceanography option
Covarrubias, Vanessa USMC ground
Cowhey, Thomas EOD
Cowing, Alexis Navy pilot
Cox, Tyler Navy pilot
Cox, William Submarine (nuclear)
Cozad, Daniel Navy pilot
Cozza, Hayes USMC pilot
Craig, Evan Navy pilot
Cremean, Britana Navy pilot
Crowell, Cameron Navy pilot
Currie, Jeanluc USMC ground
Curry, Nikolas Surface warfare
Dabney, Barry Surface warfare
Dahmer, Austin USMC ground
Dallas, Ryan Surface warfare
Dalton, Chase Surface warfare (nuclear)
Dalton, Grace Surface warfare oceanography option
Dalton, Matthew Navy pilot
Daly, Paul Surface warfare
Dampf, Johnmichael Surface warfare
Dane, Christian Navy NFO
Daniel, Ryan Surface warfare
Daniels, Tracy Submarine (nuclear)
Darling, Lindsey Surface warfare oceanography option
Davenport, Brian Submarine (nuclear)
Davids, Eric USMC pilot
Davila, Marcelo Foreign nationals (Ecuador)
Davinsizer, Kyle USMC pilot
Davis, Connor Submarine (nuclear)
Davis, George Submarine (nuclear)
Davis, Robert Special warfare
Davis, Zachary Navy pilot
Davison, Hugh Submarine (nuclear)
Davros, George Special warfare
Dawley, Katherine Submarine (nuclear)
Deleon, Carinne Surface warfare
Delorenzo, Joseph Navy pilot
Deboer, Stephanie Navy pilot
Deckinga, Ellen Surface warfare oceanography option
Deeb, Derek USMC pilot
Deese, Kevin
Delangel, Jesse Navy NFO
Delaisse, Michael USMC pilot
Delvalle, Jonathan Navy NFO
Dembowski, Jack Surface warfare
Demers, Aaron Surface engineering duty
Demers, Ryan Navy pilot
Dempsey, Conner Navy pilot
Deniega, Johnvincent Navy pilot
Dennis, Kathleen Submarine (nuclear)
Dennis, Samantha Civil engineer corps
Derathe, Benjamin Navy pilot
Dipietro, Joseph USMC ground
Diaz, Luke Navy NFO
Dinelli, Christopher Submarine (nuclear)
Dinkel, Gregory Navy pilot
Dion, Justin Surface warfare
Dissinger, Alexander Navy pilot
Dixon, Timothy Navy pilot
Dodson, Samuel SWO information warfare option
Dolce, Rebecca Surface warfare
Dolinar, David USMC ground
Don, Zetta Surface warfare
Dougherty, Aaron Navy pilot
Doyle, Haley
Doyle, Joseph USMC pilot
Drayton, Austin Surface warfare
Drejeris, Vytautas Foreign nationals (Lithuania)
Driesslein, Jonathan Submarine (nuclear)
Drogowski, Caleb Surface warfare
Dubee, Nicholas Surface warfare
Dubyak, Grant Surface warfare
Duffy, Ryan Submarine (nuclear)
Dugger, Lance Submarine (nuclear)
Duncavage, Zachary USMC pilot
Dunlap, Robert Navy pilot
Dunn, Max Special warfare
Dupere, Aaron Submarine (nuclear)
Duran, Astrid USMC ground
Durden, Darian Surface warfare
Durkin, Patrick USMC ground
Easler, Brandon Surface warfare
Eaton, Zachary USMC ground
Ebert, Scott Submarine (nuclear)
Eblin, Matthew Submarine (nuclear)
Eby, Samuel Navy pilot
Eckert, Keith Special warfare
Edmonds, Kelvin Civil engineer corps
Edwards, Andrew USMC ground
Edwards, Jared Surface warfare
Egan, Brendan Navy pilot
Ehrhart, Earl USMC pilot
Eickmeier, Isaac Navy pilot
Elenbaas, Joel Submarine (nuclear)
Ellerbe, James Navy pilot
Elmore, Joshua USMC pilot
Elward, Clay Navy pilot
Emison, Joshua USMC ground
England, Tanner Submarine (nuclear)
Escamilla, Casey USMC ground
Escobar, Joshua Navy pilot
Espino, Gabriela Navy NFO
Espinosa, Samantha Medical/dental student IRR
Everist, Juliana Surface warfare
Fach, Cassandra Civil engineer corps
Fallon, Daniel USMC pilot
Felder, Albrey Surface warfare
Felix, Andy Navy pilot
Felton, Andrew Submarine (nuclear)
Ffrench, Veronica USMC ground
Figueroa, Jesus Surface warfare
Fineis, Michael USMC pilot
Finney, Sean Civil engineer corps
Fish, Seamus Special warfare
Fisher, Cara Surface warfare
Fisher, Daniel Navy pilot
Fishman, Alexander Submarine (nuclear)
Flaherty, Kevin USMC pilot
Fleming, Aaron Navy pilot
Flood, Samuel Navy pilot
Fogleman, Sarah Medical/dental student IRR
Forrester, Gregory USMC ground
Fortner, Erin Surface engineering duty
Fortney, Kyle USMC ground
Foskett, Andrew Navy pilot
Founds, John Surface warfare (nuclear)
Fournier, Umberto Navy NFO
Fowler, Ryan USMC ground
Franklin, Travis Navy pilot
Frantz, Christopher Surface warfare
Frazier, Steven Navy NFO
Freedman, Benjamin USMC ground
Freeland, Christopher Navy pilot
Freeman, Alexandra Surface warfare
Freihofer, Rebecca USMC pilot
French, Brianna USMC pilot
Freudenberger, Christian Surface warfare
Freund, Peter USMC ground
Fries, Carey Surface warfare
Fritz, Brian Surface warfare (nuclear)
Fron, Christopher USMC ground
Fugleberg, Eric Submarine (nuclear)
Fusco, Robert USMC ground
Galanos, Nicholas Surface warfare
Gallagher, Joseph Navy pilot
Gallaher, David USMC ground
Gallegos, Austin Navy pilot
Gamez, Shane Navy NFO
Gammage, Dwayne Surface warfare
Garate, Jorge
Garcia, James USMC ground
Garcia, Jonathan Navy pilot
Garcia, Roberto Surface warfare
Gay, Robert Navy pilot
Gedeon, Samuel Special warfare
Geer, Connor Information warfare
Geif, Jade USMC ground
Geiger, Kurt EOD
Geisler, Andrew USMC ground
Gennaro, Aimee USMC ground
Genzman, Grant Submarine (nuclear)
Gerard, Caleb Navy pilot
Gerlach, Gregory Submarine (nuclear)
Geuss, Adam Surface warfare
Gilchrist, Lenue Navy NFO
Gilliard, Ashley Supply corps
Gilroy, Margaret Submarine (nuclear)
Gimbert, James Submarine (nuclear)
Ginn, Kevin Special warfare
Ginnane, Molly Navy NFO
Girling, Rowland Surface warfare
Glancey, Sarah Navy NFO
Godfrey, John Navy pilot
Golankiewicz, Andrew Special warfare
Gonzales, Michael USMC ground
Gonzalez, Summer Navy pilot
Gordon, Kadeem Surface warfare
Goulette, Alexander Navy pilot
Grabowski, Gina Surface warfare
Grandisson, Obakai USMC ground
Gray, Ian Submarine (nuclear)
Greco, Ethan Navy NFO
Greene, Thomas USMC pilot
Greenwood, Billie Navy pilot
Gregorius, Randall USMC ground
Griffin, Jared USMC pilot
Grimm, Matthew EOD
Grooms, Geoffrey Information professional
Grosch, Silas EOD
Grove, Benjamin Navy NFO
Grove, Michael Navy NFO
Guerin, David USMC pilot
Guerrero, Christine USMC ground
Guynn, Maressa Navy NFO
Haan, Justin USMC ground
Hagen, Ian Navy pilot
Hall, David USMC pilot
Hall, Kai USMC pilot
Hall, Kellie Surface warfare
Hall, Tyler Surface warfare
Haller, Jeffrey Navy pilot
Hamilton, Mary Navy pilot
Haney, Caleb USMC ground
Hanover, Lauren Supply corps
Hansen, David USMC pilot
Hargett, Carlos Information warfare
Harihara, Ganesh Submarine (nuclear)
Harms, Matthew Navy pilot
Harper, Alston Surface warfare
Harrelson, David Surface warfare
Harrigan, Cameron Submarine (nuclear)
Hass, Shane Navy pilot
Hastings, Mcmillan Navy pilot
Haueter, Zachary Navy pilot
Hayano, Alex Navy NFO
Hayes, Andrew USMC pilot
Healy, Kennan Navy pilot
Heasty, Bryan Submarine (nuclear)
Heller, Jordan Navy pilot
Hendrix, Lauren USMC pilot
Heneveld, Austin Navy pilot
Henley, Brittany Surface warfare
Henshaw, Kelsey Navy NFO
Herbold, Benjamin USMC ground
Herrera, Maximiliano Submarine (nuclear)
Herrin, William Submarine (nuclear)
Hibert, Daniel USMC pilot
Hickey, Michael Navy pilot
Hildebrand, Joshua Surface engineering duty
Hill, Aaron Navy pilot
Hill, Wyatt Navy NFO
Hitt, Juliann USMC ground
Hoerner, Elizabeth Submarine (nuclear)
Hoffer, Lucas Information warfare
Hoffstadt, Erik Submarine (nuclear)
Hollins, Stanley Surface warfare
Holloway, Brian USMC pilot
Honrath, Rachael Surface warfare
Hooker, Allan Navy pilot
Hooper, Brandon Navy pilot
Horr, Christian USMC pilot
Horton, Jon USMC ground
House, Christopher Submarine (nuclear)
Huber, Daniel Navy pilot
Hubert, Chase Navy pilot
Huf, Michael Surface warfare
Huffman, Matthew Navy pilot
Huggins, Benjamin USMC pilot
Hughes, Brynmor Intelligence
Hughes, Emily Surface warfare (nuclear)
Hughes, Nathan Submarine (nuclear)
Hull, Tucker USMC ground
Hunt, Sean USMC ground
Hunter, Benjamin USMC ground
Huntsman, Jon Navy pilot
Hurd, Jonathan Navy pilot
Hurley, Daniel Submarine (nuclear)
Hurtz, Ryan Navy pilot
Hutyra, Richard Navy pilot
Iglesias, Jose Surface warfare
Ioane, Anasitasia USMC pilot
Jackson, Andreas Surface warfare (nuclear)
Jackson, John Navy NFO
Jackson, Joseph Navy pilot
Jackson, Matthew Surface warfare
Jacobs, Caroline USMC ground
Jacobs, Eric USMC pilot
Jacobsma, Tyler USMC pilot
Jacquier, Daniel USMC NFO
Jasman, Nicholas Surface warfare
Jatho, Adam USMC ground
Jester, Marian Surface engineering duty
Jimenez, Xavier Navy pilot
Johnson, Christopher USMC pilot
Johnson, Daniel Navy pilot
Johnson, Quentin Special warfare
Johnson, Rahsaan Intelligence
Johnson, Samuel Navy NFO
Johnson, Susannah Surface warfare
Johnson, Zachary Special warfare
Jones, Donna Navy pilot
Jones, Jackson Navy NFO
Jones, Michael Navy pilot
Jones, Samuel Special warfare
Joost, Bo USMC pilot
Jordan, Mary Navy pilot
Jordan, Steven Special warfare
Joudieh, Bahaa Foreign nationals (Lebanon)
Judstra, Corbin Surface warfare
Junghans, Christopher Navy pilot
Kallek, Mitchell Submarine (nuclear)
Kania, John Intelligence
Kappel, Jonathan Navy NFO
Karam, John Foreign nationals (Lebanon)
Kavall, Alexander Surface warfare
Kearney, Conor USMC ground
Kellett, Howard Special warfare
Kelly, Dylan Navy pilot
Kempisty, Mitchell Surface warfare
Kennedy, Weston Surface warfare
Kerber, Shane Navy pilot
Kerby, David USMC ground
Keyes, Ryan Submarine (nuclear)
Khan, Nadila Navy NFO
Khol, Curtis Submarine (nuclear)
Khoshroo, Babak Surface warfare
Kiekintveld, Camron Navy pilot
Kiernan, Patrick Surface warfare
Kilby, Matthew Submarine (nuclear)
Kim, Elissa Surface warfare
Kim, Joyce Surface warfare
Kim, Yechan Navy pilot
Kimbrow, Timothy USMC ground
Kinney, Marcus Navy pilot
Kinsella, Andrew
Kisin, Polly Swo intel option
Kitzmiller, Ann Surface warfare (nuclear)
Klausner, Edward USMC pilot
Kleinschmidt, Karissa Surface warfare IP option
Klunder, Michael Intelligence
Kochert, Ryan USMC ground
Koda, Gary Surface warfare
Koenig, David
Kommer, Ryan Submarine (nuclear)
Kopar, Kitti Navy pilot
Kosaka, Olivia
Kovac, Cassandra Supply corps
Kraft, Thomas Surface warfare
Kreyenhagen, Emily Navy pilot
Krulik, Jordan Navy pilot
Krysil, Thomas Submarine (nuclear)
Kuzmick, James Navy pilot
Kwon, Soon Supply corps
Kwong, Martin Navy NFO
Laderer, Katie Navy NFO
Ladner, Evan Navy pilot
Lafleur, Donald Surface warfare (nuclear)
Lanfranki, Mark USMC pilot
Lanoue, Matthew Submarine (nuclear)
Larson, Michael USMC ground
Lasch, Stephanie Navy NFO
Lavin, Shanon Surface warfare
Layne, Trenton Surface warfare
Lee, Christopher Surface warfare (nuclear)
Lee, Daniel Navy pilot
Lee, Derek Navy pilot
Lee, Doyoung Submarine (nuclear)
Lee, Kelsey Submarine (nuclear)
Lenhart, Justin USMC pilot
Leonhardt, Lucas USMC pilot
Lewis, Kellen Surface warfare
Lewis, Marcus Navy pilot
Liebert, Jacob Submarine (nuclear)
Lies, Eric Surface warfare (nuclear)
Lights, James Surface warfare
Lihan, Marissa Surface warfare
Lilek, Samuel Submarine (nuclear)
Lindie, Darryl Navy NFO
Link, Christian USMC pilot
Liscomb, Kacey Surface warfare IP option
Little, Cameron Navy pilot
Liu, Alex Civil engineer corps
Liu, Marshall Navy pilot
Lluy, Ryan Navy pilot
Lockhart, Keaton Submarine (nuclear)
Locksmith, Joseph USMC ground
Loewen, Zatha USMC ground
Logan, Sergio USMC ground
Lombardo, Robert Surface warfare
Lopezdearriagashaw, Alexes Navy NFO
Lorei, Nathan Medical/dental student
Lorio, David USMC ground
Losee, Isaac Surface warfare
Loupos, James Navy pilot
Love, Michael USMC ground
Lowhorn, Gregory Special warfare
Lowman, Christopher USMC ground
Lu, Lucille Navy NFO
Lu, Yujen Foreign nationals (Taiwan)
Luber, Clifton Submarine (nuclear)
Lunkwitz, Crystal Surface warfare
Lynch, Alexandra Surface warfare
Lynch, Jordan Special warfare
Lynch, Kyle Submarine (nuclear)
Lynch, Shawn Navy NFO
Lyons, Patrick Navy NFO
Macdonald, Katelyn Surface warfare
Macfarlane, David Special warfare
Macfarlane, Madelyn Surface warfare
Mackovjak, James Navy pilot
Mackovjak, John Navy pilot
Macpherson, Andrew Submarine (nuclear)
Madden, Eric Surface warfare
Maddox, William Surface warfare
Madison, Ethan Submarine (nuclear)
Madrid, Michael Surface warfare
Magness, Adam USMC ground
Malcolm, Kirkland USMC ground
Maldonado, Christopher USMC pilot
Malia, Andrew USMC ground
Mannier, James Surface warfare
Mansberger, Kirby USMC pilot
Manzelli, Kash Intelligence
Maples, Hayden USMC ground
Mapugay, Arthur Navy pilot
Markovich, Eric Navy pilot
Marquez, Zachary Surface warfare (nuclear)
Marsh, Montana Navy pilot
Martinelli, Nicolas Surface warfare
Martins, Delano Surface warfare (nuclear)
Mass, Shelby Navy NFO
Masteller, Paul Navy pilot
Masters, Christopher Submarine (nuclear)
Mastriano, Mario Navy pilot
Matasic, David Surface warfare
Matcham, Jeffrey Navy pilot
Matson, Benjamin USMC ground
Mauro, Vincent Intelligence
Maw, Kelly Surface warfare (nuclear)
Mayo, William Navy pilot
Mcallister, Patrick Surface warfare
Mccanless, Derrick Navy pilot
Mccarey, Eamonn Special warfare
Mccarter, Nathaniel USMC ground
Mcclure, Christian Submarine (nuclear)
Mcclymont, George Submarine (nuclear)
Mccrea, Dylan Submarine (nuclear)
Mccullough, Kelsey Surface warfare
Mcdaniel, Cynthia Navy NFO
Mcdaniel, James Special warfare
Mcdonald, Peyton Submarine (nuclear)
Mcdonald, Sean Navy pilot
Mcelwee, Thomas Intelligence
Mcglaughlin, Alec Submarine (nuclear)
Mcglynn, John USMC ground
Mcgraw, Forres Special warfare
Mchale, Timothy Navy pilot
Mckain, Randon Surface warfare
Mckeen, Matthew USMC pilot
Mckenna, Glenn Submarine (nuclear)
Mckiernan, Connor Navy pilot
Mclaughlin, John Surface warfare
Mcmillan, Neil Surface warfare
Meaney, Daniel Submarine (nuclear)
Melvin, Jasmine Navy NFO
Membreno, Alexandria Navy pilot
Merrall, Alexander USMC pilot
Merritt, Bo Navy pilot
Meyer, Abigail Surface warfare (nuclear)
Meyer, Joshua USMC pilot
Mighty, Andrew USMC ground
Migneault, Micala SWO information warfare option
Miller, Andrew Submarine (nuclear)
Miller, Ashley Surface warfare
Miller, Elizabeth Surface warfare
Miller, Landon Navy pilot
Mills, James Navy pilot
Moh, Nnamdi Surface warfare
Mohamed, Awad Medical/dental student IRR
Moilanen, Nicholas USMC ground
Montecinos, Adrian Submarine (nuclear)
Moore, Katherine Surface warfare
Moorehead, Lyndon Special warfare
Moragne, Luke Navy NFO
Morales, Christopher USMC pilot
Moreno, Saree Navy NFO
Morgenroth, Adam USMC pilot
Morrison, Elizabeth Navy pilot
Morrison, Mary Navy pilot
Morrison, Matthew Special warfare
Morse, Hannah Surface warfare
Moser, Nicholas Surface warfare
Moss, Stephen Navy pilot
Mossman, Joshua Navy NFO
Motsay, Kenneth USMC ground
Motter, Zachary Submarine (nuclear)
Mullen, Kathleen Submarine (nuclear)
Mullen, Nikolas Surface warfare
Mulloy, Tyler EOD
Mund, Alexander Surface engineering duty
Murphy, Benjamin USMC pilot
Murphy, Connor Surface warfare
Murphy, Michael Surface warfare
Murphy, Sean Submarine (nuclear)
Murphy, Sean Surface warfare
Murray, Sean Surface warfare
Murtha, David Navy pilot
Muti, John Surface warfare
Mychalowych, Alexander Submarine (nuclear)
Myung, Seungun Surface warfare (nuclear)
Nakayama, Kevin USMC ground
Neal, Jacob Navy pilot
Neelfeller, Broderick Submarine (nuclear)
Nefzger, Robert Navy NFO
Neigel, James Submarine (nuclear)
Nesselroade, Andrew Submarine (nuclear)
Newhaller, Samantha Oceanography
Nguyen, Marcus USMC ground
Nguyen, Victor Navy pilot
Niemiec, Pierce Navy NFO
Nolan, Riordan Surface warfare
Nordquist, Eric Submarine (nuclear)
Norman, David Surface warfare
Novak, Daniel Navy NFO
Nowak, Haley USMC ground
Nowakowski, Krystyna Surface warfare
Nowell, John Surface warfare
Nucum, Marc USMC pilot
Nugent, Michael Surface warfare
Nunes, Arin USMC ground
Oboyle, James USMC ground
Obrien, Kathleen USMC pilot
Obrien, Scott USMC ground
Odell, Stephen Surface warfare
Odowd, Matthew Navy pilot
Oneill, Kendall Navy pilot
Oshea, Sarah Navy pilot
Osullivan, Nolan USMC pilot
Oakley, Catherine Navy NFO
Oatjudge, Samuel Surface warfare (nuclear)
Oberst, Scott Surface engineering duty
Obranski, Brendan USMC pilot
Ochy, David Foreign nationals (Panama)
Ogden, Andrew USMC pilot
Oh, Gregory Navy pilot
Ojard, Daniel Submarine (nuclear)
Olsen, Caitlin Submarine (nuclear)
On, Allen Surface warfare
Overfield, Norman Information professional
Paap, Patrick Navy pilot
Padilla, Matthew Submarine (nuclear)
Padleckas, Nicholas Navy pilot
Padron, Richard Submarine (nuclear)
Pagan, Christopher USMC ground
Page, Grant Surface warfare
Pagliarulo, William USMC pilot
Palelei, Evan USMC ground
Palmer, Ethan Navy NFO
Park, Daniel Surface warfare
Park, Hongyong Surface warfare (nuclear)
Parks, John Surface warfare
Parsons, Amanda Surface warfare
Patel, Akheel Navy pilot
Patel, Sahil USMC pilot
Patricco, Stephen Navy pilot
Patrick, Austin USMC pilot
Patterson, Robert USMC ground
Pauwels, Nathalie Intelligence
Pedersen, Erika Navy pilot
Percival, Sydnee USMC ground
Perez, John USMC ground
Perez, Marcus Submarine (nuclear)
Perez, Stephen Navy pilot
Perezurena, Paloma USMC ground
Peribonio, Michael EOD
Perisho, Nathanial Submarine (nuclear)
Perkowski, Timothy Intelligence
Peters, Lyndsey Navy pilot
Petersen, James Surface warfare
Peterson, Cody USMC ground
Peterson, Colton Submarine (nuclear)
Peterson, Samuel Navy NFO
Petett, Derrick Navy pilot
Petro, Audrey Surface warfare (nuclear)
Pfau, Andrew Submarine (nuclear)
Picchini, Stephen USMC pilot
Pichard, Tyler Navy pilot
Piech, Kenneth Submarine (nuclear)
Piekut, David USMC pilot
Pierson, Parker USMC pilot
Pillari, Nicholas Surface warfare (nuclear)
Pine, Paulena Navy NFO
Pinto, Anthony Submarine (nuclear)
Piotrowicz, Matthew USMC pilot
Platt, Robert Navy pilot
Pollinger, Kara Navy pilot
Pope, Walter Special warfare
Porter, Benjamin Navy NFO
Poser, Gregory Submarine (nuclear)
Poulin, Katherine Surface warfare
Powell, Jonathan USMC ground
Powers, John Medical/dental student
Powers, Mark Navy NFO
Powers, Zachary Submarine (nuclear)
Pregel, Tyler USMC ground
Price, Austin USMC ground
Price, Joseph USMC ground
Price, Sean USMC ground
Principato, David Navy pilot
Prox, Caleb Surface warfare
Pulido, Ashley USMC ground
Pung, Christina Surface warfare (nuclear)
Pybus, Alexander Medical/dental student
Qin, Mack Medical/dental student IRR
Quinn, Shane USMC ground
Radford, Ben USMC pilot
Radka, Christopher Navy pilot
Radwan, Kareem Navy pilot
Raffels, Michael Navy NFO
Ragan, Amanda Navy pilot
Rajagopalan, Krishnan EOD
Ramos, Christopher USMC ground
Ramos, Daniel Surface warfare (nuclear)
Ramos, Pierre Navy pilot
Randolph, Colleen USMC ground
Rapada, Ryan Surface warfare
Raybin, Skyler Submarine (nuclear)
Reader, John EOD
Reddinger, Alexander Navy NFO
Reed, Shawn Surface warfare
Reed, Thomas Navy pilot
Reese, Paul USMC ground
Regan, Christianrizal Navy pilot
Reid, Jake Navy pilot
Reimers, David Navy pilot
Reitmayer, Allison USMC ground
Rentas, Alvaro Surface warfare
Rentz, Conor Navy pilot
Rettie, Jordan Submarine (nuclear)
Reyes, Joshua Navy pilot
Reyes, Sabrina Submarine (nuclear)
Reynolds, Christopher Submarine (nuclear)
Riloff, Matthew USMC ground
Rimmer, Gerald Surface warfare IP option
Rivera, Joshua Navy NFO
Rixey, Christopher USMC ground
Rizzo, Alexa Surface engineering duty
Roberts, Justin Navy pilot
Roberts, Marisa USMC pilot
Roberts, William USMC pilot
Robinson, Andrew Navy pilot
Robles, Ramiro USMC ground
Roby, Bryan Surface warfare
Roche, Andrew Special warfare
Rodin, William Submarine (nuclear)
Rodriguez, Alberto Navy pilot
Roman, Jason USMC ground
Romer, Erica Navy NFO
Romero, Brandon Surface warfare
Roper, Blake Foreign nationals (Jamaica)
Rose, Evan USMC pilot
Roth, Remington Surface warfare (nuclear)
Rovito, Kristin Surface warfare
Rowland, Thomas Submarine (nuclear)
Rubin, Elizabeth Surface warfare
Rud, Brian Submarine (nuclear)
Ruiz, Jose USMC pilot
Ryan, John Navy pilot
Rynning, Sean USMC ground
Salo, Matthew Navy pilot
Sample, Ericka Surface warfare
Sampson, Benjamin Surface warfare
Sanchez, Martin Supply corps
Sanders, Scott USMC pilot
Santamaria, Mark Surface warfare
Santosalborna, Adrian Navy pilot
Sargenti, Daniel USMC ground
Sarjeant, Jasmine Navy NFO
Saudulla, Mohamed Foreign nationals (Maldives)
Saunders, Dwayne USMC pilot
Sawyer, Aleksandra USMC ground
Sawyer, Andrew Navy pilot
Sawyer, Grant Navy NFO
Schaidle, Matthew USMC pilot
Schelske, Gavin USMC pilot
Scherer, Gabriela Surface warfare
Schexnaydre, Arthur Surface warfare
Schlenbecker, Jacob USMC ground
Schmidt, Bryan Navy pilot
Schmidt, Karina Surface warfare
Schmiegel, Lauren Surface warfare (nuclear)
Schneider, Daniel USMC pilot
Schneider, Skyler Navy NFO
Schofer, Thomas Surface warfare
Schuhlein, Colin Navy pilot
Schultz, Cyle USMC ground
Schulz, Kalli Surface warfare
Schwinn, Alison Surface warfare
Sciscoe, James USMC pilot
Scott, Alexander Special warfare
Sears, Darien Surface engineering duty
Secrest, Kelis USMC ground
Seda, Anthony Surface warfare
Seitz, Samantha Navy pilot
Selby, Richard Navy pilot
Sercia, Kevin Navy pilot
Setness, Taylor Surface warfare
Shaak, Frederick Navy pilot
Shackleton, Daniel USMC pilot
Shade, Amanda Surface warfare
Shafran, Trevor Navy pilot
Shaheen, Thomas Surface engineering duty
Shaikh, Samir Surface warfare
Sheeler, Matthew Submarine (nuclear)
Shelton, Justin Navy pilot
Shepherd, Jonathan Surface warfare
Shevock, Kelsey Surface engineering duty
Shontz, Jonathan Navy pilot
Simmonds, Cassidy Surface warfare
Simoes, Geramiah USMC ground
Simonson, Kieran Navy pilot
Sipe, Samuel Navy pilot
Skord, Guy Surface warfare
Slater, Rachel Navy pilot
Slater, Riacca USMC ground
Slye, Robert Navy pilot
Smallwood, Mary Surface warfare
Smisson, Katherine Navy NFO
Smith, Chelsea Surface warfare
Smith, David Submarine (nuclear)
Smith, James Navy NFO
Smith, Katherine USMC ground
Smith, Stephen Navy pilot
Snook, Erin Navy pilot
Snowden, Scott Surface warfare
Snyder, Andrew USMC ground
Snyder, Gavin Submarine (nuclear)
Snyder, Jacob Intelligence
Sobrero, Haley Intelligence
Soellner, Ashlynn Surface warfare
Sokoloski, Patrick Navy pilot
Solt, Philip Submarine (nuclear)
Sopko, Patrick Navy pilot
Southworth, Colten Navy NFO
Spaulding, Jacob USMC ground
Spencer, Dylan Navy pilot
Spencer, Tyshaun Navy NFO
Sposato, Tyler Navy NFO
Stabile, Julie Submarine (nuclear)
Staten, Darius Supply corps
Steblein, Mark Navy pilot
Steenberge, Kyle USMC pilot
Steffens, Matthew Surface warfare
Stone, Thomas Supply corps
Stout, Blake Submarine (nuclear)
Stransky, Kevin Submarine (nuclear)
Strong, Emily Surface warfare
Stueve, Cody Submarine (nuclear)
Sturdifen, Angelique USMC pilot
Subialdea, Ivan Surface warfare
Sugg, Ian Submarine (nuclear)
Sullivan, Timothy Surface warfare
Suriben, Rizalina Surface warfare
Swanson, Heidi USMC ground
Sweeney, Brian Special warfare
Swift, Nathaniel USMC pilot
Swindler, Brandon Navy pilot
Szabo, David Navy NFO
Szczepaniak, Nicholas Navy pilot
Talicuran, Jefferson USMC ground
Talon, David Navy NFO
Tauskey, Michael Navy NFO
Tavizon, Alejandro USMC ground
Taylor, Austin Submarine (nuclear)
Taylor, Patrick Surface warfare
Temple, James Navy pilot
Thames, Shane Navy pilot
Theodos, James Navy pilot
Thomas, James Surface warfare (nuclear)
Thomas, Kevin USMC ground
Thomas, Marcus USMC ground
Thomas, Roscoe Navy pilot
Thompson, Andrew USMC pilot
Thompson, Christopher Navy pilot
Thompson, Cody
Thornton, Jamison Navy NFO
Thornton, Johnathan Navy pilot
Thurman, Ryan Navy pilot
Tilley, Morgan Navy NFO
Timmins, Connor Submarine (nuclear)
Tingley, Zachary USMC pilot
Tisdale, Candice Navy NFO
Torrealba, Roberto Submarine (nuclear)
Torres, Gabriela Surface warfare
Torres, Jason Navy pilot
Toscano, Emile Navy NFO
Trainor, Phillip Navy pilot
Trainor, Tyler Navy pilot
Troncoso, Michael USMC ground
Tropf, Jordan Medical/dental student IRR
Trotter, Kennedy Surface warfare
Tsurtsumia, Giorgi Foreign nationals (Georgia)
Tucciarone, Valerie Surface warfare
Tuimavave, Michael USMC ground
Turitzin, Alexander Navy pilot
Umbach, Brynn Surface warfare
Underhill, Jennifer Medical/dental student
Untalan, Victorino USMC ground
Urmenita, Jericho USMC ground
Uyttebroek, Thomas Navy pilot
Valladares, Brianna Navy NFO
Valles, Christopher Navy pilot
Vanhalanger, Matthew Surface warfare
Vannatta, Taylor Navy NFO
Vasquez, Jeremy Navy pilot
Vaughn, Rheanna USMC ground
Verducci, Matthew Surface warfare
Versteeg, Justin Submarine (nuclear)
Vickers, Graham Surface warfare
Villarrealross, Gabriella Surface warfare
Vivaldi, Britta USMC ground
Vladimirov, Igor Submarine (nuclear)
Vonparis, Samuel Surface warfare (nuclear)
Voss, Christopher Navy pilot
Wagner, Steven USMC ground
Walker, J USMC ground
Walsh, Brendan Submarine (nuclear)
Walsh, Erin Navy NFO
Walsh, Luke USMC ground
Walsh, Steven Submarine (nuclear)
Walter, Barkley Surface warfare
Walters, Benjamin Surface warfare
Walters, Timothy USMC ground
Ward, Kris Navy pilot
Warne, Samuel Surface warfare
Warner, Ryan Surface warfare
Warren, Spencer USMC ground
Watkins, Collin USMC ground
Watkins, John Civil engineer corps
Watkis, Justin Navy pilot
Watrol, Michael Navy pilot
Watson, Johnny Special warfare
Wears, Phillip USMC pilot
Webster, Ellie USMC ground
West, Brendan Special warfare
West, Cody Surface warfare
West, Tory Navy pilot
Westsantos, Cassidy Medical/dental student
Westland, Paul USMC pilot
Weston, Ian Navy pilot
Westover, Tyler Surface warfare
Wev, Jonathan Surface warfare
Wheeler, Ryan EOD
White, Ansley USMC pilot
White, Daphne Surface warfare
White, Justin USMC ground
Whitt, Joshua Information warfare
Wilk, Logan Surface warfare
Wilkin, Emily Navy NFO
Williams, Brian Surface warfare
Williams, David USMC ground
Williams, Jon Submarine (nuclear)
Williams, Kenyon Surface warfare
Williams, Philip USMC pilot
Williams, Shelbywayne USMC ground
Williamspittner, Kenneth Surface warfare IP option
Willis, Heather Submarine (nuclear)
Wilson, Alexander Navy NFO
Wilson, Jared Submarine (nuclear)
Wilson, John Navy pilot
Wilson, Kevin Submarine (nuclear)
Wilson, Spencer Navy NFO
Wingate, Cheyenne Surface warfare (nuclear)
Winkler, Timothy USMC pilot
Winston, Paul Surface warfare
Wisniewski, Benjamin EOD
Wohar, Nicholas Navy NFO
Wolford, Matthew Surface warfare (nuclear)
Womack, Samuel USMC ground
Wood, Collin Navy NFO
Woods, Bradley Navy pilot
Woolard, Katherine USMC ground
Worthington, Wayne USMC ground
Wright, Benjamin USMC ground
Wyatt, Brennan Surface warfare
Wynn, Gregory Navy pilot
Wynn, Thurgood Information professional
Yachanin, Alexander Submarine (nuclear)
Yang, Eugene USMC ground
Yerkesmedina, Robert Surface warfare
Yisrael, Khalif USMC ground
Yoo, Yoseph Navy pilot
Yoon, John Surface warfare
Young, Vincent Surface warfare
Yuen, Jonathan Surface warfare (nuclear)
Yusof, Awangkuabdulraufbinpengiran Foreign nationals (Brunei)
Yust, Taylor USMC pilot
Zablocky, Amanda Navy pilot
Zahzouhi, Sami Navy pilot
Zeiss, Benjamin USMC ground
Zeleznik, Christopher Surface warfare (nuclear)
Zellman, Andrew Submarine (nuclear)
Zeman, Connor Navy pilot
Zhong, Elaine Navy pilot
Ziemski, Benjamin Navy pilot
Zimmerman, Paul USMC ground
Zittrauer, Michael Surface warfare
Zook, Julia Navy pilot
Zuber, Martin Surface warfare
Zurita, Jonathan Surface warfare

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