Bolton: Coast Guard to help reassert US leadership in Arctic
U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton told 240 new Coast Guard Academy graduates Wednesday that they will help lead the way in “reasserting American leadership in the Arctic.”
NCIS probing death on amphib
In a written statement emailed to Navy Times, U.S. 6th Fleet spokesman Cmdr. Kyle Raines said that she “was found unresponsive and pronounced deceased on the ship” on Tuesday.
Why the Air Force is investigating a cyber attack from the Navy
The Air Force has reportedly seized an attorney's computer and phone as part of an investigation into whether the Navy improperly spied on defense attorneys.
The Navy just shut down TA until October
As late as two months ago, Pentagon officials told Navy Times that they were trying to scrounge for extra dollars for the TA program while holding current rules in place. But those efforts apparently fell short.
Naval Academy ‘plebes’ finish annual monument climb
U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen have finished a traditional monument climb in a little over an hour.
Why making chief in the Navy Reserve got tougher this year
The Navy has released this year's quotas for Selected Reserve and Reserve Full-Time Support chief petty officers.
‘This is a meme’: Pundits don’t understand Korea strategy, says top US commander
Replacing large-scale exercises in South Korea with smaller training iterations was a prudent action to support diplomacy, the top U.S. commander in South Korea said Wednesday.
‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh to be released from prison after nearly two decades
John Walker Lindh, the young Californian who became known as the American Taliban after he was captured by U.S. forces in the invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, is set to go free after nearly two decades in prison.
The last secret of the Scorpion
In 1968 one of the Navy’s nuclear submarines went missing in the Atlantic. Fifty years later, this author offered a provocative theory about its disappearance.
Plans to combat veterans suicide, boost VA benefits move ahead
House lawmakers passed a series of nine veterans-themed bills in advance of Memorial Day,
Top officials say US doesn’t want war with Iran
Top Trump administration officials have told Congress that recent actions by the U.S. have deterred Iranian attacks on American forces. But some lawmakers remain deeply skeptical of the White House approach in the Middle East.
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