Senator: Trump’s ‘emergency’ wall funding might jeopardize submarine propeller project
National Guard, Air Force Reserve also might be affected, senator warns.
Navy fires riverine squadron commander
Officials won't say what sparked Tuesday's removal of Cmdr. Randolph Chestang.
Sailor dies in Virginia Beach motorcycle accident
Fire Controlman Seaman Isaiah Roshon Johnson's motorcycle struck a Jeep on Jan. 30.
Iran’s naval maneuvers to start Friday
The war games will play out in the strategic Strait of Hormuz as pressure mounts on Tehran months after the United States re-imposed sanctions on Iran, targeting its vital oil sector.
Prosecutors: Coast Guard officer plotted to ‘murder innocent civilians’
Lt. Christopher Paul Hasson stockpiled guns, ammunition and steroids and dreamed of mass murder, prosecutors contend.
Here’s what happened to a Navy plane that’s vital to America’s nuclear triad
The E-6B Mercury would become a key player if World War III breaks out.
The motivated Marine Corps origin of the ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme, 'rah?
Who among us wouldn’t get distracted by such a display?
The USS Constitution, a soldier who killed Nazi tanks and his armored ride through Boston
Sailors from the USS Constitution and onlookers came outside to salute the Army veteran and the tank as it rolled down the street.
Former top Chinese general sentenced to life for corruption
Fang Fenghui, former chief of the People's Liberation Army's joint staff department, is the latest military figure to fall in President Xi Jinping's crackdown on graft and waste at all levels of the government and military.
Flynn pushed to share nuclear tech with Saudis, report says
Lawmakers from both parties have expressed concerns that Saudi Arabia could develop nuclear weapons if the U.S. technology were transferred without proper safeguards.
Destroyer Donald Cook sails into Black Sea as Russia tensions rise
It's the warship's second visit to Black Sea this year.
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