Navy kicking out four petty officers accused of barracks sex crimes with a child
The commander of Submarine Group 9 in Washington state opted to give the sailors non-judicial punishment and administrative separation because there wasn't enough evidence to take them to court-martial, officials confirmed.
Navy F-35 squadron gets ‘safe for flight operations’ ticket
The U.S. Navy’s first joint strike fighter squadron netted its safe-for-flight operations certification on Thursday, hitting another milestone on the way to initial operational capability.
Shadowy special ops sea bases are a ‘gap we know we have and we’re working on,’ Navy secretary says
While the U.S. Navy is certainly doing its part in building up the fleet, its focus on peer-level adversaries like Russia and China is at contention with its responsibility to provide off-shore staging areas for special operations forces.
Lynda Carter, TV’s Wonder Woman, loves a heartwarming video from Navy Exchange
Separated from his mother while she's deployed, a child looks to a familiar toy for comfort — and a little magic.
Sailor who fed his wife poison pleads guilty to attempted murder
The Naval Base Point Loma sailor could face upwards of 21 years to life.
The Truman’s coming home — this time for real
The aircraft carrier and its escorts departed the Mediterranean Sea on Dec. 4, kept sailing west and exited the 6th Fleet’s area of responsibility a week later. They’re expected to arrive in Norfolk on Dec. 16.
Military Times' best books of 2018: 10 can’t-miss military reads
Here are the most unforgettable books of 2018, works that deserve and then command your attention.
The head of US special operations is putting out new guidance following ethics concerns, high-profile scandals in his force
The head of SOCOM is calling on his organization to do a review of its ethics training and programs.
Melania Trump makes first lady history with ride in Osprey aircraft
Melania Trump made history Wednesday by flying in a V-22 Osprey aircraft during a visit to a pair of military bases.
Trump says military could build border wall, but Democrats push back
A day after President Trump threatened to have the military build his border wall with Mexico, a Democratic lawmaker is threatening to block such a move — with Republican help.
'Eternally missed’: Marines identify 5 KC-130J crew members killed in midair collision off Japanese coast
The lone survivor in the tragic midair collision has since been released from the hospital and Corps officials have not released the Marine’s name.
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