US warship runs another FONOP near Paracel Islands
A simmering South China Sea heats up.
Why fewer people are using the GI Bill
About 54,000 fewer people used the GI Bill in fiscal 2018 – a 7 percent decline from fiscal 2017, which was itself down about 7 percent from fiscal 2016’s GI Bill enrollment total, according to data from the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Armed with a new missile, the LCS comes of age
Is it fair to deride the LCS today as a "little crappy ship?"
$11.5M settlement over Navy hospital birth in Guam
A federal judge on Friday approved the monetary settlement to help the parents care for their child, who suffers severe and permanent brain damage.
Marines clear XO fired from the Navy’s Gladiators
Over the protests of his Navy superiors, on Aug. 5 the Marine Corps relieved the lieutenant colonel after 52 months as the XO of the sea service's East Coast F/A-18E/F Super Hornet training squadron.
Report: Trump’s call to keep Guantanamo’s detention camp sparked questions about care and conditions
A scramble to secure more funding for the detention center is revealed in a report about why its commander got canned in April.
Killed at Pearl Harbor, a sailor finally laid to rest at home
Hundreds gathered Saturday in Clayton to bid farewell to Fireman 3rd Class Harold Kendall “Brud” Costill, 18, a sailor on the battleship West Virginia who was killed in the Japanese attack on Dec. 7, 1941.
Top US general for NATO expects violence will rise before Afghans vote on new president
The top U.S. general for NATO said Friday that he expects increased violence in Afghanistan in the lead-up to the election later this month, adding that allies will make necessary adjustments to military operations there to protect the vote.
Explainer: How the pain of 9/11 still stays with a generation
As we reflect on the anniversary of this tragic event, a question to consider is: How has this event impacted those individuals who are too young to remember a world before 9/11?
Op-ed: Why disinformation threatens to sway the 2020 election
"Disinformation” is false or misleading content intended to deceive or promote discord. Now, with the first presidential primary vote only five months away, the public should be aware of the sources and types of online disinformation likely to surface during the 2020 election.
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