The Pentagon would not say if the suspension would also halt major spring exercises.
The installations, along with bases in Texas, are under consideration to house illegal immigrants.
The retired captain was under investigation for sleeping with prostitutes and accepting other gifts from "Fat Leonard" when the Navy hired him for a civilian position.
Other sailors screenshot the exchanges before they were deleted.
The Navy announced that they have updated their parental leave policy.
The decision ends a three-year debate over the best location to honor troops who served in that conflict.
A Trump administration policy that requires green-card holders to pass a background check before they can start military service is discriminatory and has left hundreds of enlisted people in limbo, a civil liberties group alleges in a lawsuit Thursday.
Dozens of counselors say that new metric-driven expectations are driving counselors to quit their jobs, retire early and that is hurting care for veterans.
The bonds between Europe and North America are under strain and there’s no guarantee the trans-Atlantic partnership will survive, the head of NATO warned Thursday.
Dyess, Goodfellow, Fort Bliss and Little Rock are locations under consideration.
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