Case ends against elderly Navy vet who ran over a pedestrian on San Diego base
Jeremiah Sullivan III, a prominent criminal defense attorney who specializes in courts-martial, took up James Brammer’s case pro bono.
Commandant: Coast Guard nears readiness ‘tipping point’
Adm. Karl Schultz praised his Coasties for doing more with less.
Message to the Fleet: Go lead yourself!
The Salty Millennial sounds off.
Prosecutors: Coast Guard crew finds man bludgeoned to death
According to the criminal complaint, the captain of the "No Bitchin" vessel radioed for help Monday for a "domestic dispute."
The last Pearl Harbor survivor in Kansas City has died
He was a corpsman on the battleship Nevada when the Japanese attacked at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on Dec. 7, 1941.
‘Deploy or get out’ policy may not have forced out any troops at all
More than 120,000 troops have been moved off non-deployable lists, but military officials say they weren't forced out of the ranks.
When a string of pearls becomes a noose
China pledges $989 million to build a new highway in Sri Lanka.
Ex-Philippine officials turn to the courts to fight China
They accuse China's Xi of crimes against humanity.
Two US troops have been killed in Afghanistan
Two U.S. service members were killed while conducting an operation Friday in Afghanistan, U.S. military officials said in a short press release this morning.
SEAL vet dishes on mysterious arrest in Haiti
The retired SEAL and his fellow contractors — carrying a dozen semi-automatic rifles and pistols, along with satellite phones and other gear — had pulled away from a bank when they were stopped by police and detained.
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