Charged with child pornography and masturbating in cubicle, officer convicted
A military jury found Lt. Cmdr. Robert J. Cleary guilty last month
Engineer claims he was fired for concerns about subs
At issue our the hulls of Virginia-class submarines and whether they're shedding an outer skin made up of sonar-absorbing material that makes them stealthy.
Naval Academy midshipmen seek Satanic Temple space
The internet reacted to the request.
Inside Big Navy’s war on beards
Personnel with the permanent no-shave chits have six months to receive a medical reevaluation, which likely will trigger a new treatment regimen, according to the updated Bureau of Naval Personnel instruction.
Despite rising awareness of critical US sealift shortfalls, solutions are elusive
It’s unclear how the U.S. plans to stop a capacity collapse among the ships needed to transport up to 90 percent of the Army’s and Marine Corps’ equipment for a major conflict.
What it means for American bases in Syria to be occupied by Syrian and Russian forces
As U.S. forces make a grab for the exit in a hurry, reports and video coming in suggest U.S. troops are dumping equipment and leaving bases in tact while stripping sensitive items.
Democrats protest transferring $200M in Pentagon counterdrug efforts in Afghanistan to fund border wall
President Donald Trump has quietly transferred more than $200 million from Pentagon counterdrug efforts toward building his long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, drawing protests from Democrats who say he is again abusing his powers.
Aircraft carrier: Ship of fear
The author believes one well-placed cruise missile or even a World War II torpedo could take out a modern aircraft carrier, but 90 years of success suggest these uniquely American weapons are here to stay.
Another former CENTCOM general weighs in with displeasure over Trump’s Syria gambit
A former CENTCOM general officer said ordering U.S. troops out of Syria was "one of the poorest, most uninformed, even arrogant policy decisions I’ve seen by any administration in the last 30 years."
Bipartisan House majority condemns Trump for Syria pullout
The U.S. House voted 354-60 to reverse President Donald Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops back from northern Syria.
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