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The Navy had a plan to change rating titles — here's what might have been

October 9, 2016 (Photo Credit: PO2 Nathan R. McDonald/Navy)
The 21 ratings with the word “man” as a part of the rating title were reviewed by the working group. Here’s a look at the options for each, had the Navy decided to keep rating titles and go the gender-neutral route. As a result, the working group recommended the following changes:

Aircrew Survival Equipmentman (PR): Change rating title to Aviation Life Support Equipment Specialist (AL). 

Airman (AR/AA/AN): Change rating title to Aviation Recruit, Aviation Apprentice and Aviation Specialist was one option, the second and what was adopted was to change to Seaman with other E-3 and below designations. 

Aviation Ordanceman (AO): The Change rating title to Aviation Gunner’s Mate (AGM) or Aviation Ordnance Specialist (AO).

Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ): Change rating title to Aviation Maintenance Administration Specialist (AZ), Aviation Administration Specialist (AZ) or Aviation Administration Professional (AZ).

Constructionman (CR/CA/CN/CUCS/CUCM): Change rating title for paygrades E-1 to E-3 to Construction Recruit, Construction Apprentice, Construction Technician -  (CR/CA/CN); for paygrades E-8/E-9, change title to Construction Specialist Senior or Master Chief. 

Damage Controlman (DC): Change to Damage Control Specialist (DC) or Navy Firefighter (NF).

Engineman (EN): Change to Propulsion Technician (PT) or Propulsion Equipment Mechanic (PM).

Equipmentman (EQ): This compression rating exists only at the E-9 paygrade, recommended change to Equipment Specialist (EQ)/Master Chief only. 

Fire Controlman (FC): Change rating title to Weapons Control Technician (WT) or Weapons System Technician (WT) another recommended option was to change the submarine FT rating title to Fire Control Specialist (FS), and surface FC rating title to Fire Control Technician (FT).

Fireman (FR/FA/FN): Change to Engineer Recruit/Engineer Apprentice/Engineer (ER/EA/EN). Another option and what was adopted was to change to Seaman with other E-3 and below designations

Hospitalman (HR/HA/HN): Change to Hospital Recruit, Hospital Apprentice and Hospital Specialist (HR/HA/HS). What was adopted was to change to Seaman with other E-3 and below designations

Hospital Corpsman (HM): Change to read Hospital Corps Specialist (HC).

Legalman (LN): Change to Navy Paralegal (NP), or Navy Paralegal Professional (NP).

Note: COA 1 and 3 removes “man” from the title and provides the best possible alignment – given the specific level of education required and daily job description of LNs – with civilian counterparts. 

Mineman (MN): Change to Mine Warfare Specialist (MW).

Machinery Repairman (MR): Change rating title to read Fabrication Machinist (FM). 

Naval Aircrewman (AW): Change to Naval Aircrew (NA) or Aviation Operations Specialist (AW) 

Ship’s Serviceman (SH): Change to Retail Services Specialist (RS).

Seaman (SR/SA/SN): No change to Seaman title was what the panel recommended as they could not find another name that adequately describes what an E-3 and below Sailor does in the Navy. Also considered were Mariner Recruit, Mariner Apprentice and Mariner (MR/MA/MN) and Sailor Recruit/Sailor Apprentice/Sailor (SR/SA/SL).

COA 4:  See Note 1 at top of the document. 

Utilitiesman: Change Utilities Technician (UT) and for master chief only, change to Utilities Specialist Master Chief (UCCM). 

COA 2:  Make no change/leave as-is.

Yeoman (YN): Change rating title to Navy Administrative Specialist (NS) or Executive Support Specialist (ES).
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