Good dental health is important. But if you’re like many Americans, dental anxiety can be keeping you from going to the dentist. Blue Cross Blue Shield FEP DentalSM can help you overcome your fears and be on your way to smiling with confidence.

The most common reasons why some people fear the dentist

Can you relate to any of these? Don’t worry—you’re not alone.

• Worrying about possible pain or fearing that the local anesthetic will not be effective

• Feeling that the dentist will rush and not pay attention to your needs

• Sense of having no control, especially those seeing an unfamiliar dental provider

• Memory of a previous bad experience, such as a childhood memory

• Some are even bothered by the smell of a dental office

Tips to help reduce your anxiety

The key is arming yourself with the right information and finding ways that make you feel in control.

Before your dental appointment:

• Find a dentist that lets you feel in control

• Get the facts about any procedure—what you imagine is usually far worse than reality

• Be an active participant in your care—ask your dentist any questions you may have

During your dental appointment:

• Schedule your visit when you are not rushed or under pressure, such as in the morning or on a Saturday

• Work with your dental team so they understand your fears and can even develop hand signals to help communicate with you during the appointment

• Bring a portable audio player and headphones so you can listen to your favorite music

• Visualize a place that has pleasant memories that can help take your mind off matters at hand

• Focus on breathing regularly and slowly while relaxing your entire body

• Avoid coffee, tea, caffeinated beverages and sugary foods prior to a dental visit

Choose a dental plan that helps you smile

If you have an uneasy feeling about going to the dentist, pick a dental plan that puts you at ease and in control of your dental health experience. BCBS FEP Dental offers eligible uniformed service members and their families the quality dental coverage they need. This includes:

• Free preventive care when you visit in-network dentists

• Three free cleanings a year

• Access to more than 375,000 provider points of access nationwide

• No deductibles for in-network services like fillings and root canals

• Benefits that work overseas

• Access to exclusive discounts from Blue365®

That’s how BCBS FEP Dental can help you and your family smile with confidence.

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