Here at IHG®, True Hospitality always comes first and at IHG® Army Hotels, it’s no different. Each one of our on-post hotels is designed specifically with the military traveler in mind, and all amenities help make your stay easier and more enjoyable. IHG® Army Hotels understands that service for our military guests and their families is different than our service for civilians, and we strive to provide that service every day.

Daily Breakfast

A day in the life of a service member can be demanding, exhausting, and unforgiving. We want to make sure you always start your day off on the right foot with the most important meal of the day. Our breakfast is made specifically to fuel up for whatever the day brings your way.

Free Shuttle

Military installations aren’t small neighborhoods that can be walked in their entirety in a few hours. They’re large communities that, like the civilian cities they border, are better navigated with other means of transportation. Our hotels offer free shuttle services around the post to make navigating that much easier. When a spouse has taken the car, there’s no reason to anchor yourself in the room while you’re waiting for them to come back. Our shuttle service will take you wherever you need to get on post.

Weekly Socials

We’re more than just a hotel. We’re a community - a community of service members, veterans, civilians, families, and friends. Once a week, we host a social at the hotel to better acquaint you with hotel management and other guests. We understand that a lot of military travel isn’t a weekend getaway, so it is important to us to make every guest feel part of our larger community. The food and fun are an added (and appreciated) bonus.

Guest Laundry

We understand the power behind a clean pair of socks. It’s important during military travel(especially during extended stays)that laundry facilities are easily accessible. All of our hotels offer free guest laundry because the cost of laundry quickly adds up, especially with a family.

Business Center

There’s work to be done and you don’t have to go far to get it done. Each one of our hotels is equipped with a Business Center with computers, scanners, and printers. So, whether you’re filling out paperwork, printing travel documents, or just need a quiet place to focus, you don’t have to leave post and frantically find a place to make the deadline.

Fitness Center

Serving in the military can take a grueling toll on the body, especially during military travel. Service members need to continue their strength and cardio training outside of regulated workouts. Our fitness centers offer a convenient option for guests to continue their training during a short or extended stay.

Free Internet

In the day of digital, Internet needs to be readily accessible. We offer our guests complimentary Wi-Fi so there’s no scramble trying to get online to check your e-mail, connect with family, or read the news during travel.

Animal-Friendly Accommodations

Finding someone to watch your pets during extended military travel is easier said than done. That’s why all of our hotels are pet and service animal-friendly. Military life can already bring enough stress so when it comes to your furry companions, we are able to keep you at-ease.

Veteran Employees

There’s a big difference between civilian hospitality and military hospitality. Although our employees are trained to the best of their ability to serve our guests, nobody knows the military life better than veterans and military spouses. We make it a point to hire veterans and military spouses whenever possible to best understand your specific needs.

With so many military-specific amenities, IHG® Army Hotels will continue to put military hospitality first and deliver a higher rank of service.