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Navy recovers remaining missing McCain sailors

U.S. Navy recovers remaining John S. McCain sailors aboard ship

U.S. Navy and Marine Corps divers have now recovered the remains of all ten John S. McCain sailors.

The Navy’s has recovered the remains of all the sailors who went missing Aug. 21 after the destroyer John S. McCain collided with an oil tanker near Singapore, the service announced Sunday.

Navy and Marine Corps divers recovered and identified the remains of Electronics Technician 3rd Class Dustin L. Doyon, 26, of Connecticut last week.

Early Thursday, divers searching the McCain’s flooded compartments found the remains of 22-year-old Electronics Technician 3rd Class Kenneth A. Smith, of New Jersey.

The others sailors whose remains have been recovered are:

  • Electronics Technician 1st Class Charles N. Findley, 31, of Missouri
  • Interior Communications Electrician 1st Class Abraham Lopez, 39, of Texas
  • Electronics Technician 2nd Class Kevin S. Bushell, 26, of Maryland
  • Electronics Technician 2nd Class Jacob D. Drake, 21, of Ohio
  • Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Timothy T. Eckels Jr., 23, of Maryland
  • Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Corey G. Ingram, 28, of New York
  • Electronics Technician 3rd Class John H. Hoagland III, 20, of Texas
  • Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Logan S. Palmer, 23, of Illinois.

The command announced Thursday the end of search-and-rescue efforts that totaled 80 hours and a 2,100 square-mile area east of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

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