Coast Guard members will be paid if there is another government shutdown, according to the Coast Guard Reauthorization Act that was approved by a House panel this week.

The House Transportation and Infrastructure committee approved a measure by voice vote Wednesday that reauthorized Coast Guard funding until 2021. It also makes sure that members of the Coast Guard receive paychecks on time in the event of a government shutdown.

“This legislation ensures our Coasties can continue carrying out their important work to secure our waterways and keep our communities safe,” Committee Chairman Rep. Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat., said in a statement.

“In addition, I am proud to have added an amendment which guarantees that members of the Coast Guard are paid on time and in full, even in the event of another senseless government shutdown.”

The Department of Homeland Security, which primarily funds the Coast Guard, was one of the agencies affected by the late 2018 partial government shutdown.

During the 35-day impasse between the White House and Capitol Hill, Coast Guard members missed the Jan. 15 paycheck.

The Coast Guard’s employee support program provided a tip sheet online with suggestions for managing finances during the partial shutdown, including holding a garage sale, babysitting, and posting unwanted items for sale.

Coast Guard members were reimbursed for their lost wages after President Donald Trump signed legislation restoring funding in late January.

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