Twenty-one new jobs are open to women looking to join the brown-water Navy, further diminishing the number of combat roles still closed to female sailors.

The move opens up the Coastal Riverine Force joint terminal attack controller enlisted classification to women, expanding training and career opportunities to female sailors, according to a Sept. 18 release from the chief of naval personnel.

The Navy notified Congress in August of plans to integrate 21 billets for JTACs, who are trained as forward air controllers. Congress then had 30 working days to respond with concerns. Because none were voiced by Sept. 15, the spots are now open to women.

The riverines, who operate near shore and in coastal waterways, are the latest Navy community to open jobs to women. In March, 267 Coastal Riverine Force spots opened up to enlisted women and female officers, making the SEALs the last bastion of the Navy in which women are banned under combat-exclusion rules.

Results of a Naval Special Warfare study into the possibility of integrating women are expected this year.■

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