The skipper commanding officer of the Bahrain-based patrol coastal ship Whirlwind was fired Thursday for alleged inappropriate misbehavior.

Lt. Cmdr. Bethany Busch was relieved of her duties by Cmdr. Jake Douglas, commander of Patrol Squadron 1, who. Douglas cited a loss of confidence in her ability to command due to inappropriate professional behavior.

Busch assumed command in July 2014. She has been reassigned to Task Force 56, based in Bahrain. Lt. Cmdr. Scott Whitworth, operations officer for PCRON 1, has temporarily taken assumed command until the prospective skipper commanding officer arrives next month, according to a Navy release.

Command of patrol coastal ships are among the most coveted posts for junior surface warfare officers, by giving top rated officers an early shot at command. Busch is a 2001 graduate of the University of Illinois and earned a Master of Business Aadministration from Colorado Technical University in 2008.

Busch was an instructor at the International Surface Warfare Officer School in Newport, R.I., was a distinguished graduate of the Surface Warfare Officer School’s department head course in 2009, and received the "Top Gun Award" when she graduated the Surface Commander's Course as part of Class 270.

She has served on the destroyer Hayler, frigate Kauffman, and was chief engineer on the destroyer Spruance. A tour as the N7 Readiness Officer / N3 Operations Officer for Destroyer Squadron 23 preceded her command of Whirlwind.

Busch did not respond to requests for comment.

This is the second firing of a PC skipper in three months. Lt. Cmdr. Alisha Hamilton was relieved as commanding officer of thePC Shamal on Aug. 18 due to alleged bad behavior.

Whirlwind is a patrol coastal ship that boasts a crew of four officers, 24 enlisted, and can embark eight special forces personnel. Coastal patrol and interdiction is the primary mission for PCs, which have been employed jointly with the U.S. Coast Guard to help protect the our nation's coastline, ports and waterways from terrorist attacks. The ships also are forward deployed to the Gulf region in support of the war on terrorism.

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