A riverine patrol boat ran aground on a rock jetty near Mayport, Florida, Thursday night and the Coast Guard is assisting in the rescue, according to an internal Navy incident reportcommunication obtained by Navy Times.

Patrol Boat 414, attached to Coastal Riverine Squadron 10 out of Mayport, was returning from a mission when it ran into a jetty with five crew members aboard, the report said. The overnight message said the Coast Guard was still on scene helping clear out gear and figure out how to get the boat off the rocks.

There are no reported injuries, the report said.

The jetty is at the inlet the St. John's River near Mayport. The 34-foot boat grounded at about 7:30 p.m. local time.

In 2013, two riverine boats with CRS 10 ran aground near Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, injuring three crew members. An investigation found inadequate supervision and planning, and it cost the squadron's XO his job. CRS 10 is a Navy Reserve squadron.