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Sub Columbia's COB fired: Poor professional leadership cited

A "pattern of poor professional leadership"  cost the chief of the boat his job on of the fast attack submarine Columbia his job.

Master Chief Machinist's Mate (non-nuclear, submarine auxiliary) (SS) Ruben P. Aguirre was fired WednesdayMarch 2 by Cmdr. David Edgerton, Columbia commanding officer of the Pearl Harbor-based sub.

"The lack of leadership stemmed from unprofessional conduct in the course of his work duties," said Cmdr. Brook DeWalt, spokesman for Hawaii-based Naval Submarine Forces, Pacific. "Beyond that I can’t comment any further because the command investigation is still ongoing." DeWalt declined to comment further because a command investigation is still ongoing.

Aguirre, who had been aboard Columbia since June 2015, has been was administratively re-assigned to Naval Submarine Support Command (NSSC) Pearl Harbor.

According to a SUBPAC press release about the relief, chiefs of the boat — or COB, as the command senior enlisted adviseor is called in the submarine community —, are held to a high standard of accountability as members of the command’s leadership "triad," which also includes the CO commanding officer and the executive officer.  

They COBs strengthen the chain of command by keeping the commanding officer aware of existing or potential issues of concern, as well as procedures and practices which affect the mission, readiness, welfare and morale of the Ssailors in the command, the release said. 

According to the Navy, Aguirre, a California native, of California enlisted in the Navy on March 12, 1996. 

He is currently frocked to the rank of master chief petty officer; but officially he’s still a senior chief., b But bBecause he was selected for master chief last year, he Aguirre is allowed to wear the rank and assume the privilege of the rank until his permanent promotion date. 

This means, his Aguirre's The master chief’s second star could be taken away from Aguirre at anytime by his commanding officer, even without going to captain’s mast, something. DeWalt said that had not happened hads not occurred as of Wednesday todayMarch 2

In addition to Along with the Columbia, he Aguirre has served on four other submarines, including , the ballistic-missile submarine Rhode Island and the fast-attack boats Louisville, Asheville and Topeka. Along with a tour as a recruiter, he’s also done three tours of duty at Submarine Squadron 11 in San Diego. 

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