The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is reportedly planning to erect a statue commemorating its January capture and brief detention of 10 U.S. Navy sailors who cut through through whose GPS system went awry and led them into Iranian waters in the Persian Gulf.

The Telegraph in London reported Friday that Commander Ali Fadavi, leader of the IRGC's naval forces, said the statue is being designed in hopes of it becoming a hub for tourists.

"The statue is likely to be built on Kharg, a small Iranian island in the Persian Gulf not far from where the sailors were captured," according to The Telegraph, which cited Fadari's comments to Iran's Defense Press news agency. which 's Ahmed Vahdat wrote


However, The Telegraph reported that the statue may be incorporated into "the Rahian-e-Nour, a semi-mandatory pro-regime pilgrimage that takes visitors to historical spots from the Iran-Iraq war and extols the virtues of the Iranian military," thereby continuing the informal propaganda campaign it began in the wake of the sailors' capture.

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