GRAND FORKS, N.D. — A University of North Dakota professor has questioned the wisdom of the school allowing ROTC cadets to run around campus with guns as part of their training.

Heidi Czerwiec recently called 911 when she saw two men in military garb with guns outside her office. It turned out to be part of the ROTC training, but the English professor said it creates a "terrorized environment."

"I have nothing against ROTC or its cadets — they are some of my finest students," Czerwiec told WDAZ-TV. "But in this current climate of school shootings, I'm sure many would agree that having students run across campus with guns while classes are in session is unwise and irresponsible."

Army Lt. Col. Clarence Carroll said the training is simulated, with fake guns and no live ammunition.

"We actually prefer to train on the university because that provides us an opportunity for other students to see what we do and become interested in our program," he said. "And it's fully supported by the university — all of our training."

UND spokesman Peter Johnson said the school will try to do a better job of informing people on campus when the training is taking place.

"One email that says there's going to be some exercises going on during the spring probably was not quite enough," he said.

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