Fireworks, illegal gambling and an all-around poor climate has brought down the topthree leaders fromon the destroyer Bainbridge. according to a Navy release

and prospective commanding officer

"Cmdr. Sean Rongers was relieved of his duties by Brawley due to loss of confidence in his ability to command following an investigation into the storage of commercial fireworks on-board the ship in violation of Navy instructions, unlawful gambling aboard the ship contrary to Navy regulations, poor program management and a poor command climate," SURFLANT said in a release.

Cmdr. Brandon Murray, the former XO who was to be the ship's next commanding officer PCO, and Command Master Chief Richard Holmes both knew aboutthe fireworks were inappropriately inproperly stored but failed to didn’t act, the release said. They have All three been reassigned to SURFLANT.

Murphy departed as XO in March and was set to take over the command this summer, Vasquez said. Both Mu

The removal of three top ship leaders an entire command triad is exceptionallyrare. The last command triad to be relieved in full was in Fall 2014, when an investigation into a young deck seaman's suicide found widespread problems that prompted the Navy to fire the destroyer James E. Williams' CO, former XO and PCO and the CMC.

The current XO, Cmdr. Patrick Murphy, is still in place having checked onto the ship recently. Cmdr. Marty Robertson , former XO of the frigate Rentz, has taken charge of the ship.

Master Chief Todd Starks has temporarily assumed duties as command master chief, the release said.

David B. Larter was the naval warfare reporter for Defense News.

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