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Navy base leader in Japan fired after allegedly mishandling investigations

The commanding officer of Asia’s largest U.S. Navy base was booted from his post fired Wednesday for "loss of confidence" in his ability to lead, a Navy Region Japan release said Wednesday.

Capt. David Glenister, COcommanding officer of Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan, was fired by Rear Adm. Matthew Carter, head of Navy Region Japan, after "findings gathered during investigations which determined that Glenister had not performed to the high standards demanded of an installation commanding officer," the release said.

Glenister is accused of mishandling at least two command investigations, according to a Navy official familiar with the investigation findings, but did not provide further details.

Capt. Steven Wieman, Carter's chief of staff, has taken command of the base temporarily, the release said. Glenister is temporarily assigned to Navy Region Japan.

Glenister assumed command in August 2013. A career surface warfare officer, he previously commanded the frigate Rentz. He had also served on the frigate Wadsworth, the destroyer Fitzgerald and the cruiser Antietam. His shore tours include a stint withinside the chief of naval operations' surface warfare division at the Pentagon., N-96. 

Yokosuka is the headquarters of 7th Fleet and the homeport for the carrier Ronald Reagan, the amphibious command ship Blue Ridge and about a dozen other cruisers and destroyers.

Glenister, the 8th Navy skipper fired in 2016, could not be immediately reached for comment Wednesday.

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