The Ike has joined the ISIS fight.

Air crews launched from the deck of carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower Tuesday on strike missions against the Islamic State group in Iraq from the Eastern Mediterranean — the same region from which the homeward-bound carrier Harry S. Truman has continued airstrikes on the militancy.

"When and where we operate an aircraft carrier sends a strong signal," said Vice Adm. James Foggo, the 6th Fleet boss, in a Tuesday release. "As demonstrated by Truman, and now Ike, a carrier strike group can effectively counter ISIL, reassure our allies and deter adversaries all from the Eastern Mediterranean."

The Eisenhower left Norfolk on deployment on June 1, deploying with cruiser San Jacinto and destroyers Roosevelt and Mason.

The Ike will take over the ISIS strikes from the Truman, whose cruise was extended for a month as the U.S. military has intensified its campaign against the group across Syria and Iraq.

The Truman has set the flattop record for sorties and bombs dropped in the ISIS fight.

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