Over 24,000 sailors have good news to share over Thanksgiving: They earned a petty officer crow or another stripe.

Navy Times has the complete lists for active-duty, reserve, and full-time support, released Wednesday. Each list has a search function to quickly find names. The results are arranged by component (active-duty, reserve, FTS/Canvasser recruiter.) Some of these were further arranged by rating title, a distinction the service officially jettisoned two months ago.

What's not included on the list are the many sailors spot advanced by their commands before Oct. 1. However, these advancements were factored into advancement for this cycle.

Congratulations to all the selectees!

Active-duty E-6 ABE1 to AG1

PR1 to YN1Active-duty E-5
STG2 to YN2Active-duty E-4
STG3 to YN3Reserve E-6
PR1 to YN1Reserve E-5
STG2 to YN2Reserve E-4
STG3 to YN3FTS/canvasser recruiter selections
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