The forward-deployed cruiser Antietam ran aground Tuesday off the coast of Japan near its home port of Yokosuka, according to two Navy officials familiar with the incident.

The ship grounded after anchoring out in high winds, officials said. When the crew noticed the ship was dragging its anchor, Antietam got back underway. Shortly after, the crew felt the ship shudder and lose all pitch control in both propellers. The grounding caused the ship to dump about 1,100 gallons of oil into the water. Nobody was injured in the incident.

The Navy notified Japanese government of the oil spill and is taking steps to clean up, officials said.

The ship was towed back into port after the grounding, officials said. The ship is commanded by Capt. Joseph Carrigan, according to the ship's website.

This is a breaking news story.

David B. Larter was the naval warfare reporter for Defense News.

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