A number of Navy Special Warfare forces have been punished for flying a Trump flag, according to the Courier-Journal.  

A motorist saw a convoy of military vehicles flying the flag along Interstate 65 in Louisville, Kentucky, last month. Photos of the convoy went viral on social media.

Military members are not authorized to endorse any political candidate, campaign or cause when in military uniform or while conducting official military duties. 

The vehicles carrying the Trump flag were unmarked. But an investigation found they belonged to Navy Special Warfare service members who "violated the spirit and intent of applicable DoD regulations concerning the flying of flags and the apparent endorsement of political activities," said Lt. Jacqui Maxwell, of the Naval Special Warfare Group in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Maxwell said "administrative corrective measures" were taken with each individual, but declined to elaborate on the punishments or how many were punished, the Courier-Journal reported.

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