An MH-60R Seahawk helicopter assigned to the destroyer Dewey crashed into the Pacific Ocean near Guam Wednesday. Two pilots and one air crewman were recovered safely.

The helo was assigned to Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 78, embarked for the deployment. The flight crew is being assessed by medical staff but there were no serious injuries immediately apparent, according to a release from Naval Air Forces Pacific.

The crew was rescued by a Dewey small boat crew. The incident is under investigation.

The Dewey deployed in March as part of a two-ship surface action group controlled by U.S. Third Fleet, the second such PACSAG designed to test a concept where the San Diego-based 3rd Fleet maintains control of ships in the Pacific, instead of ships chopping into 7th Fleet. Its a construct not previously enacted since World War II, and reflects the military's desire to shake up how it operates in the increasingly contentious Asia-Pacific region.