The Navy is looking to hire more sailors in 2018, according to budget documents released Tuesday.

The president's FY2018 budget sets the Navy's end strength at 327,900 sailors, 5,000 more than its proposed 2017 budget. The Navy currently has 322,390 sailors and officers, according to the Navy's website.

The last time the Navy's end strength was that high was in September 2011, when numbers totaled 328,226. Days after numbers spiked, however, total strength dipped to just over 327,000, and hasn't been that high, since. 

Overall, the Navy's budget received a $6.5 billion boost over the funding levels proposed last year in the final Obama administration budget, setting total funding at $171.5 billion.

The Navy is framing the budget as a step toward restoring the fleet's readiness after years of budget shortfalls. After Trump's election, Navy leaders began making the case that the Navy needed to start paying down the readiness debt incurred by putting off required maintenance as a trade-off for a more forward presence.

"This long war we're in and emerging or re-emerging threats have raised the stakes and kept us on the field longer than our bullpen is able to stay healthy," said Adm. Bill Moran, vice chief of naval operations, in a January speech. "Deferred maintenance is insidiously taking its toll on the long-term readiness of our fleet."

The budget also funds the continued modernization of the fleet's aging-but-vital cruisers. According to budget documents provided to Navy Times, the cruiser Anzio is slated to go through modernization this month, joining Cape St. George, Vicksburg, Cowpens, Chosin and Gettysburg.

The modernization periods reflect a plan hashed out between the Navy and Congress to extend the life of the cruisers by tying them to the pier and gradually overhauling the ship with all new systems. The ships will subsequently be brought out of the phased-modernization as the service decommissions other active cruisers.

The FY18 budget includes funding for the modernization of combat systems on board the Cowpens and Gettysburg.