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BUD/S student left in coma after incident, Navy investigating

The Naval Special Warfare Center is investigating an incident from last month where a student in Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL, or BUD/S, training “unintentionally injured” another student, putting the student in a coma.

The incident occurred at the training complex in Coronado, California, on Oct. 12, according to a statement released by the center.

“A student…was hospitalized when he was unintentionally injured by another student during classroom instruction,” according to the statement. “The staff on site immediately rendered medical attention and quickly transported the injured student to the hospital.”

The student emerged from the coma and is in good condition and recovering, according to the center.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported this week that the incident involved one student slapping another, and the student on the receiving end of the strike fell and hit his head, a sequence that Navy officials speaking on background confirmed.

The slap happened as the students were incentivizing each other to correctly answer questions during a land navigation course, the Union-Tribune reports.

The warfare center investigation will determine if the student who struck the other will face any disciplinary action, according to a command spokesman.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service said the agency is conducting its own investigation.

“NCIS is a fact finding entity,” spokesman Ed Buice said in an email. “It will be up to the convening authority to determine whether charges should be filed.”

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