Re-up bonuses are on the rise again, and the Navy’s new plan indicates the service expects to spend nearly $148 million on new selective reenlistment bonus contracts — $25 million more than last year’s total.

With the Navy wanting to add to its manpower over the next few years, the money will go toward enticing nearly 19,000 bonus-eligible sailors to obligate for up to six years. And the service says they’ll be happy if about 7,500 sailors take them up on the offer.

In continued good news, seven new skills are now eligible for bonuses, and another 26 existing skills will see increases.

Good news, however, is always accompanied by some bad, and in this case, award levels of 22 skills will decrease, and seven others will be removed altogether.

All increases and new award levels go into effect immediately, while those decreased or cut from the program won’t see changes reflected for 30 days, giving sailors in those skills time to cash in.

The Navy pays bonuses at five maximum levels — $30,000, $45,000, $60,000, $75,000 and $100,000 — depending on the service’s need for a given skill.

Half of each bonus total is paid upfront in a lump sum, and the remainder is equally divided and paid annually on the re-up anniversary. Award levels also depend on a sailor’s years of service, which determines reenlistment zones sailors fall under.

The complete list of all bonuses is available in NavAdmin 311/17. See who’s in and who’s out in the summary of changes.

Mark D. Faram is a former reporter for Navy Times. He was a senior writer covering personnel, cultural and historical issues. A nine-year active duty Navy veteran, Faram served from 1978 to 1987 as a Navy Diver and photographer.

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