The carrier John C. Stennis hosted a “Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Rodeo” last week, according to a Navy release.

“The SAPR Rodeo consisted of games such as rope toss, trivia and an obstacle course all designed to teach Sailors about the different facets of the SAPR program,” according to the Navy release entitled “John C. Stennis Wrangles Sexual Assault.”

Wrangling awareness of sexual assault took place while the carrier was steaming in the Pacific Ocean on April 18.

Master-at-Arms Seaman Ariana Aguirre said she learned about SAPR contacts, bystander intervention and sexual assault statistics.

“It’s important to John C. Stennis because anyone can be sexually assaulted,” she said in the release. “I think being able to have this type of event, where people have the opportunity to talk to someone, helps with the healing process.”

While the rodeo’s vibe was happy and fun, “the SAPR Rodeo was about providing Sailors with the ultimate tool against sexual assault: knowledge,” the Navy release states.

The rodeo was held during the Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness Month.

“Knowing about SAPR not only helps you in your work place, but also outside of work,” Quartermaster Seaman Javen Rogers said. “It teaches you about the responsibility of respecting others and their personal space and not overstepping boundaries.”

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