ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Two men boating in Prince William Sound in southern Alaska found a pair of dead bear cubs tied to a concrete weight.

Peter Montesano and Paul Wunnicke saw something strange floating in Squaw Bay while on their boating trip Saturday, the Anchorage Daily News reported Sunday.

Montesano, an Anchorage physician, moved his Sea Dory boat closer to the floating mass, seeing something furry.

"And then we said, wait a second — those are two pairs of hind legs," Montesano said.

The men found two dead black bear cubs each tied by the neck to a weight made out of a milk jug filled with concrete. One of the bears had a bullet hole in a leg, they said.

The carcasses seemed somewhat fresh. They hadn't been heavily picked at by birds or scavengers.

"They didn't look bloated; they weren't all ballooned up," Montesano said.

The site seemed to be evidence of an intentional effort to dispose of the carcasses, Montesano said. Bear cubs are illegal to kill in Alaska in most circumstances.

They took several photos of the scene, but didn’t bring the carcasses onto the boat. They later contacted Alaska Wildlife Troopers, but Montesano said Sunday that no one had called him back yet.

“I almost wish I had taken the weight with us as evidence,” Montesano said.

Alaska State Troopers did not respond to the newspaper’s questions Sunday about the find or if the agency is investigating.

Montesano said he hopes that telling people about the cubs might prompt someone to come forward and give information to authorities.

“I hope it will create some peer pressure for someone to do something right,” Montesano said.

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