A Florida-based sailor died late last month after he was shot in the chest with a handgun in what authorities say was an accidental shooting.

Yeoman 3rd Class Anthony Labady, 21, was found by police in a pool of blood in his Jacksonville apartment at about 8 p.m. on Jan. 26, according to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office records.

He had suffered a wound to the right side of his chest and was pronounced dead 45 minutes later, authorities say.

Five witnesses are listed in the incident report but officials redacted their names and other information in the copy provided to Navy Times.

Sheriff’s office spokesman Christian Hancock said Labady’s death “is currently being classified as accidental.”

“It continues to be an active investigation, but the investigation thus far is leading investigators to believe this was an accidental shooting,” Hancock said in an email.

Citing the ongoing probe, Hancock declined to provide further details on what led up to Labady’s final moments.

Labady had been assigned to the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima since 2016, according to service records.

He pinned on third class in July.