Arrival night is one of the most intimidating aspects of heading to Navy bootcamp: it's dark, it's loud and it's intense.
It might seem obvious, but to be in the Navy, you need to know how to survive - and fight - in the water. Get ready to dive in.
One of the critical skills all sailors need to learn when they enter the Navy is how to use a firearm.
The 'confidence chamber' at Navy bootcamp is known as recruits' "best, worst day," a test meant to give them confidence in their gear.
In order to get through bootcamp, recruits must pass a physical fitness test. Failure to perform the required run, curl ups and push ups can get you sent home.
At sea, there is no fire department to come help you if a fire breaks out on ship. In the fleet, every sailor is a firefighter.
The final exam of Navy bootcamp is an intense, 12-hour experience designed to test sailors under pressure and make them perform under stress.
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