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Navy postpones remaining advancement exams

Sailors hoping to add a chevron or sew on the petty officer crow following the spring advancement cycle may be waiting a bit longer. Remaining Navy-wide exams set to begin Thursday have been postponed until at least May 21.

An administrative message released late Tuesday announced the move, citing the ongoing spread of the new strain of coronavirus and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance for social distancing.

While most exams for E-6 and E-5 were taken earlier this month, the E-4 test was scheduled for Thursday. That exam has now shifted to May 21.

Substitute exams for E-4 through E-6 must be taken by June 12.

Reservists testing for E-4 to E-7 will see their exams moved to May 22, or the first available drill weekend following that date. Reservists have already seen their drill weekends postponed as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

The message also hints at the possibility for more shifts, if necessary.

“As the COVID-19 situation becomes clearer, we will continue to reevaluate the timeline for each exam,” according to the message from Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral John B. Nowell, Jr.

Results, which are typically announced around Memorial Day for active duty and reservists, are expected in July.

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