The Navy has revamped the Navy personnel and pay system in an attempt to make it more efficient for sailors to use.

Sailors will now see more automation the next time they log into NP2, according to a naval administrative message released Oct. 29. The new capabilities include improved travel processing capabilities, Navy Reserve orders and MySailor data.

“To improve Fleet readiness and warfighting effectiveness through repurposed Sailor and command leadership focus and time, the MyNavy HR team continues to make progress in fielding a modern Human Resources … services delivery capability to improve all HR functions, especially more timely and accurate personnel and pay transactions,” according to the NAVADMIN

Sailors can now expect travel vouchers to be pre-filled with information from their orders and personnel records, and they can complete their PCS travel claim form (DD 1351-2) in the travel voucher wizard that launched in 2019. There is an e-signature capability designed to make the PCS process easier as they seek travel cost reimbursements.

For Navy Reserve sailors, the upgrade will integrate mobilization and demobilization, active-duty operational support and officer recall orders into NP2. Reservists will have the same ability as active-duty sailors to use a tailored checklist for moving preparations, and they can view and print an abbreviated orders format, called lean orders.

This feature includes a command view function that allows a review of checklist completion status to determine sailor readiness and preparedness, according to the NAVADMIN.

Equally important, sailors will be able to immediately get on the waitlist for government housing and childcare services at their new duty station.

For now, only reservists with ADOS or officer recall PCS orders will be able to use the travel voucher wizard, however.

“Sailors can generate their checklist online at any time and tasks are listed chronologically to improve the overall move experience for Sailors and their dependents,” according to the NAVADMIN.

The update also enhances the ability of service members to support personnel and pay transactions by increasing the scope of what’s available in MySailor Data, the Navy said. Sailors can now view assignments, service data and biographical information there.

The service is advising sailors to check in on the NP2 to guarantee all information is accurate.

“It’s important that Sailors review their NP2 information now as the projected major NP2 update in January 2022 will include pay transactions with accuracy dependent on the information in MySailor Data,” said Ann Stewart, Navy Personnel Command assistant commander for pay and personnel, in a news release.

“These enhancements are the latest steps towards fielding a modernized pay and personnel process that makes the overall customer experience better for Sailors and their families,” Stewart said.

During the initial rollout of NP2 in 2019, the Navy launched MyPCS Mobile, providing active-duty Sailors with CAC-free mobile access to a tailored PCS checklist, viewable orders in an easier to read format, an automated wizard-driven electronic travel voucher capability and a travel entitlements calculator.

Sailor access to NP2 capabilities is available 24/7 via any mobile device through the MyNavy portal. CAC-free entry to NP2 is enabled by registering on MyNavy Portal. Sailors may also continue to use the conventional sign-in from a CAC-enabled device.

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