A Florida-based U.S. Navy officer was sentenced to two months’ confinement for bringing a firearm onto Naval Air Station Pensacola and for disobeying an order from a superior officer to stay at least 500 feet away from another person, according to court records.

Lt. Cmdr. Troy Wesley Mask was sentenced at a judge-alone general court-martial Oct. 1.

He will also have to forfeit two months' worth of all pay and allowances, and the case will trigger a firearms possession prohibition under federal law, records show.

Mask is an aerospace engineering duty officer with the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training. His Navy defense attorneys declined comment on the case.

He was convicted of bringing a firearm aboard the air station in August 2018 without registering the gun with the base’s commanding officer, according to charge sheets.

Mask also was guilty of disobeying a superior officer, who told him to stay 500 feet away from an individual on Aug. 16, 2018.

That individual’s name is redacted in a charge sheet provided to Navy Times.

Navy officials redacted a portion of Mask’s result-of-trial document that stipulates the terms of a pre-trial agreement, but he faced several other charges that were withdrawn or dismissed.

A Florida native, Mask enlisted in 2000 and was commissioned in 2004, according to his service record.

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