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Sends us pics of your worst ROM meals

Deploying during the COVID-19 pandy has sucked. We don’t need to tell you that.

But the novel coronavirus has managed to make the time before deployment suck as well.

Instead of powering through the last season of “Alone” on Netflix with the spouse in the weeks leading up to deployment, or building an empty White Claw box fort, you’re having to undergo restriction of movement, or ROM, holed up in a hotel/motel room for a few weeks before you test negative for the 19 and head out.

You can’t head to the chow hall to snag a to-go box, so you’re left at the mercy of whatever food they bring you.

And judging by some of your emails, these delivered ROM meals have been straight-up repug.

Now, we want to see your worst ROM meals.

Send your best pics of the worst ROM food to We’ll soon run the gnarliest in an upcoming article.

Tell us where and when it was taken. Share your unit if you’re comfortable. Or not. Either way, we promise to keep you anonymous and not blow up your spot.

Describe these awful ROM meals and tell us how they tasted if you feel so inclined.

And know that you will get through this.

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