Over the past decade, coverage of the Navy’s so-called “Fat Leonard” scandal has unveiled scores of West Pacific naval officers who were once supplied with booze, sex, hotels and even suckling pigs.

In exchange, “Fat Leonard” Glenn Francis’ port services company, Glenn Defense Marine Asia, was gifted classified ship movement information and juicy port servicing contracts.

Francis pleaded guilty to his role in the scheme back in 2015, but the portly Malaysian magnate has since kept quiet amid an interminable series of sentencing delays. Now, it looks like that’s about to change.

A nine-part podcast series aptly titled “FAT LEONARD” is scheduled to drop on Oct. 5, according to a press release that asserts the project will feature Francis “exclusively talking for the first time” about the torrid saga.

“FAT LEONARD will shed light on the Navy’s cover-up of the case, which has gone after more than 30 officers, but failed to prosecute admirals whom Leonard claims took gifts and favors,” the release states.

“The explosive story will also feature scores of other voices, including prominent women who share the broader tale of misogyny and sexual abuse in the U.S. military.”

Hearing from Fat Leonard alone should make for compelling listening, but the release also promises to tell the tale of Francis’ role “in covert missions against al Qaeda, including using his own warship Braveheart to support Marines, with U.S. diplomatic cover.”

The podcast will be hosted by Tom Wright, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and Pulitzer Prize finalist.

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