The Navy will roll out the Senior Enlisted Marketplace in 2023 — the service’s latest initiative supporting billet-based advancement to address gaps at sea.

The new marketplace will launch in March, coinciding with the fiscal 2024 senior enlisted advancement cycle for promotion to E-9. The goal is for the marketplace to eventually include E-7 and E-8 advancements and detailing.

“Billet Based Advancements are how E-5 through E-9 Sailors will advance in the future, where a qualified Sailor applies and competes for a billet requirement in the next higher paygrade within the MyNavy Assignment (MNA),” Vice Adm. Richard Cheeseman, chief of naval personnel, said in a statement.

The Senior Enlisted Marketplace Screening Board will conduct screenings of board-eligible E-8s who will receive access to the marketplace to apply for a qualified billet if selected. Sailors have 24-months to enter one of 10 of the MyNavy Assignment cycles to apply for a list of jobs in the marketplace aligned with their ratings. Detailers will coordinate billet alignment and complete additional matching for the sailor’s next assignment.

All sailors recommended for advancement by their commanding officer and eligible will automatically be screened, instead of undergoing the traditional promotion board. If a sailor is not selected for an E-9 job within 24 months, he or she will undergo the next E-9 screening board.

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