A Navy T-6B Texan II turboprop trainer aircraft crashed Tuesday morning in Alabama in a remote, unpopulated area, according to the service.

“At approximately 10:50 a.m. CST, a Navy instructor pilot and a student aviator ejected from a T-6B Texan II, assigned to Training Air Wing 5, in the vicinity of Barin Naval Outlying Field near Foley, Alabama,” the Chief of Naval Air Training said in a statement Tuesday.

The Navy said the instructor pilot and student aviator were treated for “minor” injuries, and no other serious conditions have been reported so far.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. No other details were immediately provided.

Two service members died in a T-6B Texan II aircraft crash in October 2020, which set a house and several cars on fire. That incident occurred in Foley, Ala.

The Navy concluded 2022 with 17 Class A manned aviation mishaps, which involves damages of $2.5 million or more. That number is up from 10 mishaps in 2021, according to Naval Safety Command data.

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