Things in San Diego do not seem to be going well for Marines stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California. The evidence? One Craiglist post wherein an alleged Marine would rather catch COVID-19, risking life and liberty, to avoid carrying out his duties.

The anonymous ad, which is circulating on both Facebook and Twitter, seeks a pandemic-infected partner, preferably a woman (though he’s desperate, not picky), to infect him with COVID because his squadron’s activity right now is “just straight up not a good time.”

Who knew that the solution to high OPTEMPO was simply to infect yourself with a deadly virus?

I guess, in the words of the illustrious Dave Chapelle, “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

The Marine goes on to mention that he is not looking for a relationship. Essentially, he wants to catch COVID, not feelings.

But at least he’s offering to pay you for your services — not money, of course, but access to the base exchange or a barracks cat.

Tempting. For infecting this guy with COVID, you can finally take home the feral feline of your dreams.

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