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Coasties find body of missing boater
North Charleston resident Terrance Singleton, 30, had been declared missing since Wednesday, after the Coast Guard cutter Cormorant came upon his 20-foot Pro-Line boat, its motor on idle, with only some crabs, a bit of live bait and a single shoe in it.
That time a Navy jet shot itself down
In this season of the practical joke, let's talk about some very bad mistakes unique to the world's military services.
Meet the unstoppable Mr. Smalls
He would go on to share intelligence with the U.S. Navy, fight in 17 naval battles, rise to the rank of major general, overcome illiteracy, publish a newspaper, win state and congressional offices, serve as a U.S. collector of customs and become master of his master’s plantation house. But first he had to hijack a Confederate steamer.
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