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Coast Guard detains dozens of Caribbean migrants in unseaworthy vessels
While debate rages over an ongoing deployment of U.S. troops to the international border with Mexico on the eve of America’s midterm elections, the Coast Guard quietly continues to interdict attempts by Caribbean smugglers to sneak undocumented migrants into the country from the sea.
Coast Guard search reaches a tragic end
Coast Guard officials told Navy Times that a 29-foot response boat crew from Jonesport joined an HC-144 Ocean Sentry surveillance aircraft and an MH-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter flown from Cape Cod in the search.
Coast Guard interdicts boatload of undocumented Caribbean migrants
Coast Guard officials said that the cutter Heriberto Hernandez transferred a dozen Dominicans and two Haitians to a Dominican navy vessel on Sunday, three days after they were interdicted in a cramped boat near Puerto Rico’s Mona Island.
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