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EU hits NATO ally Turkey with sanctions
Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu issued his own warning last week that his country would step up drilling activities off Cyprus if the EU forged ahead with its actions.
Dead by their own hands: Why the Germans scuttled a fleet
Just a few fathoms below Scapa Flow’s dark surface lie the remains of a navy — four battleships and four light cruisers of the Imperial German High Seas Fleet, scuttled by their own crews in 1919 in the largest act of self-destruction in naval history.
Carrier sends message to Iran
The Abraham Lincoln, with its contingent of Navy escort warships and a fighting force of about 70 aircraft, is the centerpiece of the Pentagon’s response to what it calls Iranian threats to attack U.S. forces or commercial shipping in the Persian Gulf region.
Op-Ed: America needs a ‘Five-Ocean Navy Strategy’
U.S. Rep. Jim Banks calls for a fleet of more than 400 warships, equipped with the latest technology to maximize the Navy’s offensive and defensive technological capabilities.
No more quals?
Verdict looms on E-4 and below warfare pin programs.
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