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New uniforms revealed! Fashionable and FREE!
Another round of wear-testing is slated for July, but if it pans out this two-piece uniform could become optional issued clothing when you report on board ship — no trips to Navy Exchange, no money out of your annual uniform allowance.
Here’s why the Union Jack is back
In a move that wasn't supposed to happen until the Global War on Terrorism ended, the U.S. Navy will return to flying the Union Jack.
Are the Navy’s safety boots unsafe?
Internal files leaked to Navy Times reveal concerns at the highest levels of the service about possible links between the issued general-purpose safety boot and rising numbers of ladder well injuries.
Is the Navy’s new boot a flop?
In the three months since the new I Boot-4 hit the Navy Exchange's shelves, it accounts for only about 12 percent of sea safety boot sales.
The 19 things you need to watch in 2019
More money and more personnel but also new challenges from rising rivals in the Western Pacific, Europe and the Persian Gulf. More changes to your leadership at the Pentagon. And more innovations that promise to transform the ways your Navy recruits, trains and retains its sailors.
Countdown: the 19 stories to watch in 2019
We're bringing you the trends and topics you need to monitor in 2019. We kick off Friday with 19, 18, 17 and 16!
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