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The stars born on Highway 8
Seven officers found themselves on an extraordinary stage in April 2003 as the 3rd Infantry Division’s 2nd Brigade brought the Saddam regime to its knees.
The price of valor
“Show me a hero, and I’ll show you a tragedy,” Scott Fitzgerald once wrote. A case in point is Audie Murphy, the most highly decorated man in American military history.
Was Iwo Jima worth the cost?
After a staggering loss of life on the island, American military leaders scrambled to justify the invasion
Brew named for Navy nuke test draws criticism
The government and residents of the Republic of the Marshall Islands have objected to the company's beer named Bikini Atoll, an area of the island chain that remains uninhabitable.
Target: Makin Island
On Aug. 17, 1942, daring Marine Raiders stormed Makin Island. But far worse fighting faced soldiers, sailors and Coast Guardsmen when American forces returned in late 1943.
Undefended shore: American antisubmarine operations in 1942
In 1942 American merchant ships up and down the Atlantic Coast were being relentlessly attacked by German U-boats. Why did the U.S. Navy secretly decide to leave them unprotected?
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