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The voices of Iwo Jima
Veterans’ reminiscences recall the fear, courage, and — yes — humor they brought to the legendary battle in the Pacific.
Target: Makin Island
On Aug. 17, 1942, daring Marine Raiders stormed Makin Island. But far worse fighting faced soldiers, sailors and Coast Guardsmen when American forces returned in late 1943.
Guts: The mission beyond darkness
Think about hurtling off of an aircraft carrier in the middle of the world’s biggest ocean. Think about doing it at twilight, fairly certain that you’re not coming back.
What if the Japanese Had Won the Battle of the Coral Sea?
Many “what if” scenarios rely on close calls, in which the outcome pivoted on a single event that went one way but might easily have gone another. But in the case of Coral Sea, it's almost easier to explain how the Japanese could have won the battle than explain how they managed to lose it.
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