Naval Academy's goat mascot passes away

The Naval Academy is saying good bye to its 35th goat mascot Wednesday following a history of chronic illness, according to an academy news release.

Bill XXXV had to be put down because of the pain and suffering caused by untreatable, chronic kidney weakness, the release said. 

"Due to pain and suffering caused by his condition and a low likelihood of improvement, doctors there determined the best and most humane course of action would be euthanization," Bill's caretaker said.

The Naval Academy's angora goat mascots live on a farm in the Annapolis area, but the academy withholds its name and the identities of the caretakers for safety reasons.

Bill XXXV and his brother, Bill XXXVI, took over as the academy's official live mascots a year ago, after the retirement of Bills XXXIV and XXXIII.

XXXV's medical problems appeared soon after he moved to the farm, his caretaker said. He suffered from idiopathic edema -- unexplained swelling -- and other disorders that doctors attributed to chronic kidney weakness.

His caretakers brought him into the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday when his illness began to flare up again over the weekend.

"The remaining Bills and their caretakers are not available for comment or interviews during this time of mourning and sadness," the release said.

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