The full list of Navy commanding officers, executive officers and senior enlisted leaders who have been ousted from their posts in 2016, as announced or confirmed by Navy officials:

Commanding officer, senior official:

  • Capt. Dave Adams was fired in January for a loss of confidence after his submarine, guided-missile sub Georgia, Blue crew, struck a channel buoy and ran aground.
  • Cmdr. Mike Connor, CO of attack submarine Oklahoma City, was canned for deficiencies in his leadership.
  • Rear Adm. Rick Williams, the head of Carrier Strike Group 15, was fired for allegedly accessing pornography on his government computer.
  • Cmdr. Edward Byers, CO of attack submarine Dallas, was ousted for lackluster leadership.
  • Cmdr. Michael Atwell, CO of the littoral combat ship Fort Worth, was canned on deployment in March amid an investigation into an engineering mishap aboard his ship. He is the first LCS skipper to be fired.
  • Cmdr. Sean Rongers, CO of destroyer Bainbridge, was fired for allegedly allowing gambling and fireworks on his ship.
  • Capt. David Waterman, CO of Joint Enabling Capabilities Command's Joint Public Affairs Support Element, was booted after a loss of confidence in his leadership.
  • Capt. David Glenister, CO of Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan, was removed for allegedly mishandling command investigations.
  • Cmdr. Eric Rasch, CO of Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, was removed from his job amid an investigation into the errors that led to U.S. sailors' arrest by Iran in January.
  • Capt. Kenneth Brown, CO of Fleet Readiness Center West, was fired due to a loss of confidence in his ability to lead the Lemoore, Calif.-based maintenance center.
  • Capt. Howard Goldman, CO of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport, R.I., was shown the door after a Navy report found a hostile work environment at his command.
  • Rear Adm. Robert Gilbeau, special assistant to the chief of the Supply Corps, pleaded guilty in June to making a false official statement in connection to the federal investigation of port services firm Glenn Defense Marine Asia.
  • Capt. Kyle Moses, the commodore of Task Force 56, was fired from his post leading the Bahrain-based expeditionary command in the wake of an investigation that found errors that led to U.S. sailors' capture by Iran in January.
  • Cmdr. Gregory Meyer, the former commodore of Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, was relieved of duties for errors that contributed to U.S. sailors' capture by Iran in January.
  • Capt. Tony Simmons, the CO of Destroyer Squadron 2, was canned amid an investigation into personal misconduct.
  • Cmdr. John Neuhart, CO of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25, was fired from his post a week after being charged with attempting to rape a female officer in San Diego.
  • Cmdr. Michael Wohnhaas, CO of Crew 106 of littoral combat ship Freedom, was fired amid an investigation into engine damage.
  • Cmdr. Aaron Tabor, CO of Electronic Attack Squadron 138, was removed from his post after poor job performance.

Executive officer:

  • Cmdr. Brandon Murray, the former XO of destroyer Bainbridge who was selected to be its next CO, was fired along with the CO and CMC for allegedly allowing fireworks to be stowed on board.

Senior enlisted:

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