All military families deserve to feel like they belong. Yet sometimes, the expectation is different from the reality.

As a part of the military-connected community, we know the shared bonds of service give us a connection that transcends our differences. Despite that connection, not everyone feels welcome or like they belong. The positive bonds across race and ethnicity are not always enough to prevent real differences and challenges from persisting across families.

To better understand these diverse experiences, Blue Star Families is conducting a survey from June 28th - July 28th. For the first time, through this groundbreaking survey, Blue Star Families is specifically asking military-connected families of color about their experiences in order to gain a more holistic understanding of military life and the service experiences of military-connected families of color.

Please consider sharing your unique story by participating in the Understanding the Diverse Experiences of Military Families of Color Survey today.

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What is it?

★ This survey is an opportunity for us to hear from the military-connected community. The feedback and stories collected will help us better understand the lived experiences of military families of color. Additionally, it’s a safe space for respondents to share their candid and honest feedback if they are experiencing or observing inequalities in the military.

Through this survey, we hope to:

★ Understand how military life and the service experience differs for military-connected families of color.

★ Increase the awareness of these issues among leaders in the governmental, nonprofit, philanthropic, and governmental sectors.

★ Empower leaders to affect changes that allow every member of a military family to feel embraced by and connected to the community where they live and serve.

Who can take it?

★ We know our community is made up of racially and ethnically diverse families. What’s more, our experiences are also unique. That’s why we welcome military families of color and multiracial families to participate in this survey.

Do you have to be a Blue Star Families member to take it?

★ You don’t have to be a member to take the survey. And if you’re not a member of Blue Star Families, we hope you’ll sign up to be a part of our community!

It’s our mission to create strong communities of support. Through this survey, we hope to illuminate the experiences of military families of color, so we can work together to create the best opportunities for all military families to feel like they belong.

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