COLUMBIA, S.C.— A former Navy sailor convicted of killing two teenagers has been denied parole for the 20th time.

The Post and Courier reports the South Carolina Board of Paroles and Pardons unanimously voted Wednesday to deny parole to 75-year-old Richard Raymond Valenti.

Valenti was sentenced in 1974 to two life terms for the deaths of two teen girls he was found to have kidnapped and killed.

He was charged with killing another teen and attacking five others, but didn’t go to trial on those charges.

A law in effect at the time makes him eligible for parole every two years. Former detectives and members of the girls' families were present to fight for the parole’s denial.

Valenti told the board by video chat that he has been saved by God and is no longer a threat.

But the board didn’t discuss his plea and immediately denied the request.

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