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Caroline Kennedy christens father’s namesake carrier

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline has christened a new aircraft carrier that is named after the 35th U.S. president.

Caroline Kennedy smashed a bottle across the John F. Kennedy carrier’s hull Saturday at the shipyard in Newport News, Virginia. She is the sponsor of her father’s namesake ship.

photo_camera Three different views of the ship's island as it's hauled up and across the flight deck of the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy on Wednesday at Huntington Ingalls Newport News, where the ship is being built. (Mark D. Faram/Staff)
How the new flattop John F. Kennedy got its island

The Navy's second Ford-class aircraft carrier, the John F. Kennedy, now looks like a real flattop after getting her island placed on May 29 — a date that would have been JFK's 105th birthday.

The ship is the second of the U.S. Navy’s new Gerald R. Ford-class carrier.

The new carriers are designed to carry and fly more planes with fewer sailors.

The Kennedy's keel was laid in 2015. The dry dock was flooded in late October.

Guests at the christening ceremony included former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

The aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford departed Norfolk Naval Base in July for her initially estimated year-long stay at Newport News Shipyard. That yard period has now been extended. (Staff)
SECNAV, lawmaker trade barbs on Ford flattop woes

Billed as the first of a new generation of floating American airfields, the carrier was slated for delivery in 2015, but was not turned over to the Navy and christened until 2017.

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