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Navy fires national chief recruiter

The Navy’s top enlisted recruiter was fired Wednesday “due to loss of confidence in his judgement,” officials said Friday.

Master Chief Navy Counselor Franklin Tiongco’s relief as national chief recruiter “is a measure to safeguard (Navy Recruiting Command’s) mission accomplishment and to protect the integrity of the legal process,” command spokeswoman Cmdr. Lara Bollinger told Navy Times.

Bollinger declined to say what precisely led to Tiongco’s firing but said that both a command and Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation had been completed and are under review.

“No determination of guilt or innocence has been made,” she said.

Tiongco did not respond to a request for comment submitted via social media.

Bollinger said he declined to comment.

Tiongco took on the national chief recruiter position in July 2017, according to his LinkedIn page.

National chief recruiter is the most senior enlisted recruiting advisor to Navy Recruiting Command.

The leadership of Navy Recruiting Command will begin soliciting for nominees to be the next national chief recruiter in the near future, Bollinger said.

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