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Navy unveils quotas for active duty E-7 promotions

The Navy has released quotas for active-duty E-7 promotions for fiscal 2021 and more than 4,500 sailors are set to make chief petty officer.

Overall, there are 18,018 E-6s being considered for a total of 4,765 spots — translating to a 26 percent chance of being promoted to E-7, according to Navy Personnel Command. That’s an increase from the 25 percent promotion opportunity in 2019.

The board can only select up to the quotas issued. However, the board can give quotas back if not enough qualified candidates are available.

Although originally postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the E-7 selection board got underway at the beginning of this month in Millington, Tennessee. Despite the delay, the Navy has assured that those selected for promotion will be assigned the original date of rank and will receive any back pay and allowances.

Because the board is the largest across the entire service, and to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, the Navy has conducted the selection board in several phases. The final phase started Oct. 24 and is slated to conclude Nov. 7.

Last week, the service announced the Reserve E-7 promotion list. More than 800 sailors were selected for promotion.

Here are the FY21 active-duty E-7 quotas:

Naval Personnel Command has updated the fiscal 2021 active-duty E-7 quotas. The
Naval Personnel Command has updated the fiscal 2021 active-duty E-7 quotas. The "246" quotas and opportunities refer to FY21, while the "242" quotas refer to FY20. Some ratings have been updated. ATI and ATO are now combined to AT. FC and FC AEGIS, MM and MMA, and NCC and NCR have also been updated. (Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs)
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